22 Months Old

Reuben Mac is 22 months old today.  Can this be true?  My little boy is almost 2 years old!  This last month has been very busy with holidays full of family and friends, and Reuben loved every minute of it.  Reuben has had a BIG increase in his spoken and sign vocabulary this month.  It’s like a light bulb went off for him and he realized how effective he can be in communicating.  Being able to communicate with Reuben makes things so much easier!  Another big change for Reuben this month is going to one nap a day.  He seems to have adjusted well to this change.  Now…if I can only get the afternoon nap to be a little bit longer….

Here’s my handsome little boy all dressed up for church.

Singing and playing the guitar with Daddy.

Enjoying his first ride on the carousel at the mall.  Reuben was very intense…as evidenced by him biting his lower lip.

Enjoying the ride!

My two loves 🙂

Here’s Reuben in the middle of a jam session.  He plays better when his tongue is hanging out 😉

Another great pic of my loves!

Cool dude!

Reuben loves to read “boos.”  I love that he’ll be in the middle of playing with a ball, “reconstructing” his race track, or beating on his drums, and he’ll stop and say, “boos!  boos!  boos!”  He’ll either collect some books and crawl into my lap to read with me or he’ll find a quiet place and read to himself.


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