Christmas Day

We traditionally spend Christmas Day with the McNamara side of the family.  We woke up Christmas morning and opened our stockings at our house before packing up and heading to my parents’ for the day.

Reuben didn’t quite know what to think when we marched in his room saying, “Merry Christmas, buddy!!!”

Reuben had a lot of fun pulling toys, markers, books, and more out of his stocking.

Surrounded by all the stocking loot!  Nick got me a level because we had needed one earlier in the week to put together a shelf.  How thoughtful of him.  Everyone knows how much I love to receive tools in my stocking.  Sensing a little sarcasm???  Really, Nick did a great job on my stocking.  He always does.  I just had to laugh at the level.

Mom and Dad’s house all ready for Christmas 🙂

Reuben walked straight in and started checking out his new tricycle.  He was inspecting it and saying, “ohhhh!”

Taking a spin with Uncle Chad before opening more presents.  Please excuse his expression…he’s in mid sentence!

We had to start by giving Cabos (Rachel and Chad’s dog) his Christmas gift!  Doesn’t he look handsome in his sweater?

Reuben had to stop and play with every gift as he opened them.  He’s really into shapes and puzzles lately so he loved this toy!

I made a Quiet Book for my niece, Brynlee Anne, who is due to arrive on March 14th, and gave it to Rachel as part of her Christmas gift from me.  I caught this video of her reaction.  Little did I know how hysterical my other sister Shannon’s reaction would be.  She’s just innocently watching Rachel opening this gift, something snaps, and she becomes overwhelmed with emotion too.  SOO funny!

Here are some pictures of the book I made.  It is not perfect BY ANY MEANS, but I think it turned out pretty well.  Someone gave my mom one of these books as a gift at one of her baby showers.  I used that old and tattered book as a pattern to make this one.

Rachel and Chad got Reuben a microphone.  It has an applause pedal, a laughter pedal, an adjustable boom stand, and a place to plug in an mp3 player.  Reuben absolutely LOVES it.

Putting on a show while Christmas lunch is being prepared.

Here’s a little video of him checking out his new microphone.

Auntie Shan got Reuben an inflatable ball pit.  I must be honest and say I haven’t been brave enough to open it up yet.  That’s what aunts are for…to get Reuben the FUN gifts that Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t ever get him.  Thanks, Shan!

Opening his stocking with a little help from Cabos.

I actually didn’t feel very well starting in the afternoon of Christmas.  Unfortunately I stopped taking pictures of the rest of our festivities.  We had a great time enjoying each other’s company and playing games.  I’m very thankful for my family and all of the JOY and LOVE that surrounds our holidays.

When we were saying our goodbyes, Reuben had to be sure to say bye to baby Brynlee too 🙂


2 Comments on “Christmas Day”

  1. I’ve loved reading about y’alls Christmas (all of them). Reuben is so incredibly adorable! Are you still teaching?!

    • amymacagi says:

      Thanks, Jessica! I enjoyed sharing all about our wonderful Christmas 🙂 Yes, I’m teaching at TU in the Deaf Ed department. This is my 2nd year and I’m really enjoying it!

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