Christmas Eve

We traditionally spend Christmas Eve with the Agimudie side of our family. We got up in the morning and headed over to my in-laws’ house.

Reuben started off the morning by making some calls to his peeps ūüėČ

When we arrived, the curry was already cooking. I did my best to help in the kitchen, but while I was stirring a pot, I managed to catch the pot holder on fire. My first instinct was to throw the pot holder into the pot. Thankfully, Auntie Grace was close by and saved the day by fishing the flaming pot holder out of the pot and into the sink. Phew!

There was lots of curry to be cooked so one pot was even cooking in the shed out back!

Look how festive the shed is…red and green paint, Christmas lights, and a Sidney Ave sign (Nick’s dad’s name is spelled sYdney, but the sign is close enough..ha!).

Uncle Murray was very compliant in doing his “chores” AKA peeling and cutting potatoes.

Who’s kid is this? ¬†Standing on the kitchen counter, pants scrunched up, hood on in the house…geez!

I’ve watched the process of making roti (a large delicious flour tortilla used to pick up and eat food), but I’ve decided I’ll never be able to make it on my own.

Nick’s mom decided it would be better to give Reuben his gifts throughout the day instead of all at once. He had so much fun opening his gifts. He “ooohed” and “ahhhed” the whole time. ¬†His first gift was a Nike jogging suit. ¬†He loves it!

His next gift was his very first Elmo doll.  He was frustrated at first because he thought the gift bag was trash, but his eyes filled with excitement when he realized what it was!

Reuben was getting a little bored so Uncle Chris brought down a huge box of ping pong balls. ¬†I’ll let you imagine what happened next.

Nick’s parents only live a few miles from us so we decided to head home and let Reuben take a nap in his own bed. ¬†I did a quick load of laundry while he was sleeping so he could wear his new jogging suit when he woke up. ¬†He looks like such a big boy wearing it! ¬†When we got back to their house, it was time for Reuben’s big gift…a drum set!

Watching Uncle Chris and BEGGING him to work faster!

While putting the drum set together, we were serenaded by Uncle Harvey and Auntie Grace.

And…he’s in heaven. ¬†He absolutely LOVES his drum set.

Giving his new drum set a go!

We managed to pry Reuben away from the drum set long enough to go home and take one more nap before going to our church for a beautiful, one hour Christmas Eve service.  After church we headed back to the in-laws house and Reuben went straight to the drums.

Getting his first drum lesson from Uncle Chris.

Reuben cuddled in the chair with Elmo while watching the TU vs Hawaii Bowl game.  Was he winding down?  No way!

If you saw the “Teach Me How to Dougie” video from my Thanksgiving blog, you’ll remember Joel, one of Nick’s cousins who danced in the video. ¬†Well, Reuben finds him to be VERY cool and felt it was appropriate to give him a pound frequently throughout the night. ¬†Don’t you just love Reuben’s Elmo slippers with the khaki pants?

At half time, we took a break to open gifts. ¬†Reuben’s gifts just kept coming and coming. ¬†He was SO blessed by our family and friends this year.

Playing with a new racetrack toy.  Reuben loves watching the cars go round and round.

Uncle Rickki, Auntie Nancy, and their 4 kids (Joel, Brianna, Jordan, and Jarred) are normally in Minnesota for Christmas, so it was a special treat to have them with us on Christmas Eve!

Demonstrating a new use for Uncle Chris’ new vuvuzela.

After we finished opening presents, Reuben took an opportunity to show Joel his new Dougie skills.  My favorite is when he stops dancing to give Joel a pound.  SO cute.

We were SOOO excited about TU’s HUGE win over Hawaii! ¬†This is Nick’s happy face…

….and Chris’ “can you believe we just destroyed Hawaii in that bowl game” face.

Reuben ended the night jamming out with Uncle Chris to some super sweet Wiggles tunes.

Such a FUN Christmas Eve!


2 Comments on “Christmas Eve”

  1. Tina Smith says:

    Hi Amy, These pics were just too cute. He’s growing up so fast, Reuben that is. I’m not sure his dad will grow up. Just kidding! Nick is fun I can tell. So glad that you all had a Merry Christmas. Happy New Year to all of you. Tina

    • amymacagi says:

      Thanks, Tina! Reuben is growing up so fast! It’s almost time for another one ūüėČ (FYI–I’m not pregnant) Hopefully we won’t have to see you the second time around…I mean that in the nicest way!

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