Christmas Program

As I’ve mentioned before, Reuben goes to a Mother’s Day Out program one day a week.  On the last day of school before Christmas break, they had a Christmas program.  Reuben’s class performed two precious songs.  I cannot even begin to express the joy and pride that filled my heart while I watched Reuben.  Being a parent has given me a whole new perspective on how the Father loves me.  Reuben didn’t sing one word to either song, but just watching him made me so proud.  Experiencing a mother’s love for my child helps me to realize that performance doesn’t make me love Reuben more.  I love Reuben because he’s my son.  Period.  Understanding this takes so much pressure off!  The Father loves me just because I’m his daughter.  He doesn’t love me more when my house is perfectly clean, I make the best crafts, sing the best rendition of a particular song, volunteer at every given opportunity, host the best party, etc, etc, etc.  He loves me because I’m me.  Period.  Wow!  Take a big ‘ol swig of that freedom!

Singing Jingle Bells with his classmates 🙂

Reuben bites his bottom lip when he’s focused 😉

After he was finished, Reuben came to join us at our seats.  He sat with Auntie Shan and enjoyed watching the other classes perform.  He tried to do the motions along with them!

Cheesin by the Christmas tree!

Reuben’s buddy, Isaiah, goes to the same MDO program on different days of the week.  They love each other 🙂

Posing with Daddy and Grandma Z.

Next up…Cammie and Auntie Shan!

A quick pic with Mommy and Daddy before a melt down!

And…what you’ve all been waiting for…the Christmas program in its entirety!


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