Visiting Santa @ Bass Pro

We made two trips to see Santa at Bass Pro this year.  By the way, if you’ve never been to a Bass Pro Shop to visit Santa, you have to go!  This year’s experience DEFINITELY beat our mall Santa experience last year!  Bass Pro does a wonderful job of setting up a Winter Wonderland that is BEAUTIFUL and full of FREE games and activities for the kids.  We didn’t have to wait long at all to see Santa and we got a free professional picture AND, I could stand off to the side and take my own pictures.  I highly recommend it!

This picture is so blurry BUT I just love my two handsome boys!  I wish I was better with taking pictures.  Oh well…I’ll pick up that hobby someday…

Giving some love to Mr. Nutcracker

LOVING the train.  “Choo!  Choo!” says Reuben.

Isn’t this beautiful???

So…this would be the place that I show you the professional picture.  Well, Reuben freaked out so Mommy and Daddy had to hop in the picture with him so I couldn’t take any of my own pics.  AND…my scanner doesn’t work 😦  Trust me when I tell you Reuben is crying hysterically and Mommy and Daddy are smiling and squatting awkwardly.

Reuben’s best bud, Isaiah, hopped up onto Santa’s lap for his turn, and he was a champ!  After observing Isaiah, Reuben decided to give Santa another chance.  He was still very unsure, but felt safer with his buddy by his side.

Reuben and Isaiah had fun playing the games in the Winter Wonderland.

Special Delivery = 2 of the cutest little guys on the planet!

Going for a ride!

Telling us all about the big boat he’s driving!

A few weeks later, we went back to Bass Pro with Nick’s family.  Reuben had to get back on the Arctic Cat to show them how it’s done.

Hunting with Uncle Chris.

We just missed pictures with Santa by a few minutes, but Santa was gracious enough to pose with Reuben for a picture on my camera.  As you can tell, Reuben was thrilled.

Okay, guys, take the pic already!

Reuben gave Chris and Sam a good after dinner workout by running in and out of the aisles while they chased him.  He had so much fun!

One more ride on the Arctic Cat, with sound effects and all, before heading out for the night.


3 Comments on “Visiting Santa @ Bass Pro”

  1. auntie linda says:

    Happy Holidays !
    Love all the photos , and Uncle JIm in KEntucky, a LIFE member of the NRA, will be happy to get REu , set up with a little heat to pack to the church nursery, for protection.

  2. […] Day 2: Visit Santa.  Our friends, the Harris’, invited us to dinner to celebrate our birthdays so we decided to make a night of it and stop in at Bass Pro to visit Santa again.  Isaiah and Reuben went together last year, too. […]

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