Purple Glaze

Our friends, the Harris’, invited us to go to Purple Glaze to make a commemorative holiday plate with the boys.  It was a Christmas miracle that we didn’t already have plans on a Friday night in December, so we accepted their invitation.  I’m always really excited to go to Purple Glaze.  I walk in with wonderful thoughts and dreams of the creation I’m planning to make.  Somewhere about 30 minutes in, things start to spiral violently downward, and I start to hate my creation and myself.  Thankfully, I survived the emotional turmoil this time.  It was really fun making a plate for Reuben, and since he’s only 2 years old, imperfections are acceptable and cute…or at least that’s what I told myself 😉

Reuben’s got his apron on and is mesmerized by the paint.

The beautiful Harris family

The artist in action 🙂  Can I just tell you how badly the dried paint on his foot stressed me out? Blech.

When we were cleaning up, I noticed they had aprons for kids.  Ooops.

Yes!  We finished!  At this point, the two dads took the boys outside to run around while Kara and I tried to salvage our plates, and coached each other into believing that we aren’t total failures because of our lack of ability to create beautiful pottery.

After we were done, we took some time to de-stress over at the Harris’ home.  The boys loved playing with Isaiah’s nativity set in front of his super cool Christmas tree!

Voila!  Our “masterpiece.”


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