21 Months Old

Oh man…these last two or three weeks have been INTENSE.  I’m thankful to be done with the semester and finally able to focus on and enjoy the holiday season AND catch up on the blog.  Prepare yourself for LOTS of updates over the next couple of days!

First of all, my little man is 21 months old!  I have to be honest.  I’m so ready for him to turn 2 so I can stop referring to his age in months!  I keep forgetting how old he is!  Reuben continues to amaze us with all the new things he’s learning, trying, and doing.  His vocabulary (signed and spoken) is ever increasing and the communication is making things a lot easier.  Reuben is all boy.  He loves anything he can throw, kick, hit or anything that makes noise.  Reuben is having a hard time understanding that the balls on the Christmas tree are not for throwing.  He has managed to take a swing at a couple of ornaments using his cricket bat.  That was lovely.  My two favorite things that Reuben does right now are:  1) Reuben loves to run and grab 3 or 4 books and crawl up in my lap and read.  He really enjoys interacting with the books.  I love the face of curiosity and understanding that he has each time we read a book.  2) Reuben loves to sing.  I’ll ask him to sing me a song and he starts singing away 🙂

The pictures will tell you lots more….

Playing some cricket in the kitchen with Daddy

These next few pictures are from Reuben’s buddy’s birthday party.  Diego said he wanted a “boat party,” and his mom and dad did a wonderful job giving him exactly what he wanted!  Reuben got in on the festivities by sporting a sailor hat.

Giving the birthday boy a big hug.

Checking on Miss Brielle.

Loving on another little friend of Diego’s.

Checking out some of Diego’s new toys.

Enjoying a delicious cupcake 🙂

The party was held at Bass Pro Shop so afterward we got to go downstairs and check out the fish!  I love this pic of Reuben looking up to one of his best buds, Troyer.

We had a really warm day the week of Thanksgiving so we took advantage of it and went to the park!  I love this picture because Reuben has spotted a bird.  He’s saying, “boood!” and doing his sign for “bird” too 🙂

Well, hello there, handsome!

Reuben LOVES to sit on the big red ball outside of Target.

Playing Uncle Chris’ drums and having a great time!

I love this pic of his little feet dangling 🙂

Playing the drums wasn’t good enough…Reuben wanted to wear Uncle Chris’ hat too!

And…his sunglasses!

Stopping to sit on the big red ball outside of Target again.

Showing his sign for “I love you!”

Decorating his very own, sports-themed Christmas tree for his room.

Giving Mommy and Daddy a gift that he made at Mother’s Day Out.

Feeling super cool in Daddy’s hat.

A typical day…wearing a shirt with leftover food on the shoulder, no pants (as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now!), carrying around his grilled cheese sandwich, wearing his “Memo” slippers, and taking the dishtowels off of the oven for the 100th time.

And I’ll leave you with this precious gem.  Reuben was singing for Mommy and Daddy on the way home from church 🙂


One Comment on “21 Months Old”

  1. Heather says:

    Oh Amy!! I am in tears! That video is so stinkin cute! I love that little guy!!

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