The Great Trash Can Debate

On Wednesday night, after a playful argument between Nick and I, I posted this question on Facebook:

“Please help us end this marital debate. Is it okay to throw away a piece of trash that will fill up over half the can on its own in the small bathroom trash can? Or should those items be moved a few feet across the house to a larger trash receptacle?”

This issue has been present for the entire 4.5  years of our marriage.  Nick feels that a trash can is for trash.  Period.  It doesn’t matter the size, shape, or kind of trash.  If it’s trash, it qualifies to be thrown in any trash can.  I, on the other hand, cannot stand when one piece of large trash is thrown into and fills up a small trash can.  I also feel that there are appropriate places to throw out certain kinds of trash.

Examples of acceptable trash for the small bathroom trash can:

  • QTips
  • Cotton Balls (shudder)
  • Tissues
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Tags from new clothing
  • Small pieces of paper

Examples of UNACCEPTABLE trash for the small bathroom trash can:

  • LARGE Sonic cup
  • Banana peel
  • Contact solution box
  • Cardboard insert from a new men’s dress shirt
  • QTip box
  • Crumpled up fast food bag (IF containing unfinished food, this situation goes from unacceptable to CONTAMINATION EMERGENCY)

I absolutely LOVED the responses I received on Facebook…all 34 of them!  When posing my question, I gave NO indication as to who the large-piece-of-trash-throwing culprit was, but in the responses, Nick was automatically assumed into the role and scolded by several people.  I found that to be HILARIOUS.  Here are some of my favorite responses:

“Like the answer to most questions, the answer is …. “it depends”! Hands full? in the middle of a bunch of tasks? Get called away? But yes – the GOAL would be to walk it to the big trash can. It’s probably going to end up there anyway when you gather trash to put out.”  –Diana Higgins

A very logical response with much consideration for the person throwing out the trash and what is going on in his/her life at the moment of making the decision about where to throw out his/her trash.  I obviously DON’T CARE enough about what’s going on in the moment.  Throw the stinking trash away where it belongs!

“Leave Nick alone. At least it got thrown away. All trash is collected and ends up in the same place anyway… :•)” –Kevin Bolles

Kevin graciously takes one for the team and steps in to defend his buddy.  What a good friend!  However, he is equally GUILTY of assuming it was Nick.

“I just think it’s hilarious that you’re having this ‘discussion’ AGAIN! You guys balance each other out so well… :)” –Jessica Gerstmeyer

Jessica takes this opportunity to compliment Nick and I on our balance.  You may call it balance, I call it one of us being RIGHT and the other being WRONG.

“Amy, it doesn’t matter. It’s just trash. Do whatever makes you and Nick laugh. Throw it in your neighbor’s lawn or wrap it up and put it under the Christmas tree. Do what makes you both laugh. :)” –Kadi McMillan

I love your perspective, Kadi.  I really do like having fun, especially when I’ve taken my happy pills.  I’M.JUST.KIDDING.  I’ve only taken those a few times…BUT…when I did, I would have thought your trashy suggestions were AWESOME.

“Wow, I love how apparently all families deal with this. It has been my mom’s argument for YEARS. Sadly, bc of this debate I now throw large items in the small trash can…just because I can.” –Katie Cox

Katie, I’m sure your parents would LOVE to know that you are revealing their marital strife right here on Facebook.  I’m personally THRILLED to know that I’m not alone.  And, you go girl, walk in freedom with your trash throwing.

“The bathroom wastebasket should always be left empty because its primary purpose is to impress guests. If you leave trash in the bathroom can, your guests will think you are trashy people. Or you can do what we do and get bathroom cans with lids. Then you can use the lid to cram down all the trash and you never have to empty it.” –Scott Johnson

This was my favorite response of all!  I’m so happy to know that someone GETS IT.  Thank goodness there are people out there that understand that life is JUST about MAKING people believe you are perfect.  And this response is from a MAN.  He’s either BRILLIANT or WELL-TRAINED 😉

“Umm my advice would be to tell him to take that extra trash and SHOVE IT. That’s just what we do at our house….” –Liz Tinker

Liz, your response blessed me.  I’m so thankful to hear of the fruit of our 2 year long Love and Respect small group study.  We are definitely nurturing marriages to be VERY loving AND respectful.  Beautiful!  *Tear*

“That’s my girl!” –Carol Anne McNamara

Glad I could make you proud, Mom!

“I think for Christmas, you should just get a larger can for the bathroom too- quarrel resolved! ;-)” –Debra Petrella

Debra decides to go all LOGICAL on us.  I see this NOT as a RESOLUTION but as ENABLING a bad behavior.

“Definitely larger trash can! John pulls this same move. He always puts food container trash in the bathroom. That just grosses me out for some reason. That belongs in the kitchen trash for sure.” –Katie Hurst

I’m so glad to know you’re with me, Katie!  If everyone were EXACTLY like us, this world would be a much HAPPIER (and cleaner) place, don’t ya think?


Thanks for all your input, friends!  If anything, it provided lots of laughs and confirmation that I’m RIGHT 😉


4 Comments on “The Great Trash Can Debate”

  1. First, this is hilarious. I ga-fawed so loudly people stared when I read this!

    Second, it’s the phrase “a few feet across the house” that totally gives away that you prefer the latter scenario.

    Third, I COMPLETELY agree with you.

    Fourth, “Crumpled up fast food bag (IF containing unfinished food, this situation goes from unacceptable to CONTAMINATION EMERGENCY)”


  2. Rob McNamara says:

    I am personally grieved that my cogent and lucid insights into the “trash talk” debate were so flippitantly ignored. BTW, What did I say? Sompin’ like “Way to go Nick” Did these other peripheral people in your life help raise you? Did they work 3 jobs to contribute to your welfare and the forging of your OCD raging, minutia scrutinizing, life stabilizing perspectives? I DON’T THINK SO. Just trying to be transparent about my aorta spurting heart wound over your clear callousness toward my influence in your life over this relationship critical issue.

    • amymacagi says:

      Dad, if I remember correctly, your loving response on FB was “Bigger trash can, doofus.” Somehow I didn’t perceive that comment to be either supportive of Nick or world changing. I don’t know what I was thinking…

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