Love and Respect

About two years ago, I started talking with a couple friends about starting a small group Bible study called “Love and Respect.”  I had been hearing wonderful things about the book  and figured it would be a great excuse to get together with our friends on a monthly basis.  Well, after a few months of struggling our way through the book, we decided that what we were all really starved for was just some quality, relaxed, fun time with our friends on a regularly scheduled basis.  We’ve now been getting together once a month for almost 2 years.  We still call our group “Love and Respect” even though we only made it through the first chapter of the book.  This group is a GIFT.  In the ups, downs, twists, and turns of life, there is nothing like having a solid group of Godly friends that will pray for you, stand in the gap for you, take care of you, laugh with you, cry with you, share with you, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.  Nick, Reuben, and I are SO blessed to have this group of friends in our life.  Because this group is so special to all of us, we decided to have our pictures taken together.  Stacy and Sam of Simply Red Photography agreed to do a photo shoot for our crazy bunch.

When I saw this first picture, I cried.  What a symbolic representation of who these friends are to us.  Here is our family 100% backed up by our “framily.”  Each family in the group has a picture like this with them at the front and the rest of the families behind them.

The Love and Respect bunch

My precious girlfriends 🙂

Our wonderful husbands!




3 Comments on “Love and Respect”

  1. Jess says:

    Amy…I think I just went through 1/2 a box of tissue reading this post. 😉 I just feel so blessed….love you guys!!

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  3. […] by so I KNOW that we are abundantly blessed to be a part of this group.  We had pictures taken in 2010 and loved them, so we jumped at the chance to take them again.  Our amazing photographers were […]

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