Family Fun Festival

Our church holds a Family Fun Festival every year on the last Sunday of October.  The festival is full of games, entertainment, food, pictures, adorable kids all dressed up, and CANDY.  Reuben was a little overwhelmed by FFF last year, but this year he had TONS of fun.  Reuben dressed up as a soccer player.  His Grandma and Grandpa Agimudie brought him an authentic Adidas soccer uniform from Spain last year so we decided to use it as our costume  especially since Spain won the World Cup this summer.  He looked pretty stinkin cute 🙂

Getting swallowed up by the ball pit

Having a blast on the inflatable toy

Hunting for a ducky

Checking out Miss Brie in her adorable kitty costume.  Reuben LOVES Brielle.  He’s always watching out for her.

Going fishing with Daddy

Showing Cammie and PaPa all the fun games

Shootin some hoops

Climbing Jacob’s ladder and…

…ringing the bell

Walking proud with his candy in hand

Enjoying one of three lollipops in one night

He is one HAPPY kid with traces of lollipop all over his face


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