20 Months Old

Well, another month has flown by and suddenly my son is only 4 months away from being 2 years old!  How does this happen?!?  Each month presents more and more JOY and more and more reasons for me to PRAY and beg God for help.  Reuben is very curious and wants to know a name for everything and an explanation of what’s going on around him.  Even though Reuben isn’t 100% verbal yet, we can definitely tell a difference in his demeanor when we explain to him what’s going on.  Reuben loves animals and really enjoys pointing them out and making their specific noises.  He’s recently learned the signs for “bird” and “fish,” and proudly tells us each time he sees one or the other.  Reuben loves music and dancing.  Anytime he hears a song with a good beat, he stops what he is doing and starts pumping his fist and tapping his foot to the beat.  It would be fair to say that the music and beat are in his blood.  Reuben is very loving and he shows it with intensity.  He’s always giving me big hugs or grabbing my face and giving me a kiss right on the lips.  This same intensity has presented an opportunity for our dependence on Jesus.  Do you like how I phrased that?  We’ve been working on using our hands to love and serve our friends and family rather than using our hands to hurt others (particularly through hair pulling and throwing anything that can be thrown).  We have had many successes and many setbacks, but overall, we are very thankful for friends, family, and teachers that are loving Reuben (and us) through this stage.  It is a stage, RIGHT?!?

REALLY enjoying the banana

Getting creative at Troyer’s dinosaur birthday party

Digging for fossils and dinosaur eggs and sporting the dinosaur stamp he decided would best placed directly on his mouth

Showing off the spider hat that he made @ Mother’s Day Out

The spider hat made him run super fast!

Enjoying a cookie from Merritts after a successful day of using loving hands @ Mother’s Day Out

All bundled up and ready for soccer practice

On a walk with Auntie Ray Ray, Uncle Chad, and Cabos.  Reuben wanted to hold the leash and tell Cabos where to go and what to do.

Helping Daddy with the Christmas tree

Doing some work at Mommy’s office…if only the red marker had stayed ON the paper…

Having some fun with Hailey at church.  We are so blessed with little friends that love on our boy 🙂



One Comment on “20 Months Old”

  1. Mama Mac says:

    Such a sweet lil guy!

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