Pumpkin Patch

For those of  you who remember my post from last year, you’ll be very proud to know that we made it to the actual pumpkin patch this year.  It was a BEAUTIFUL fall day!  Reuben really enjoyed the freedom of being able to run around and explore this new terrain.  He climbed on mountains of pumpkins, ran in the mud, and had several “conversations” with the animals.  There were three of us taking pictures so between our cameras we were able to get some super cute pictures!  Unfortunately, Nick’s grandma stepped on an uneven spot and fell and broke her femur while we were there.  Please say a prayer for her as she undergoes surgery in the next few days and intense therapy in the weeks to come.  We love you, Grandma AKA Dween Bean!

*The amazing pictures that are sprinkled throughout this post were taken by our good friend, Sam, of Simply Red Photography. *

Our little family of 3 🙂

Starting to explore…

Grandma Zal and Grandpa Sydney with Reuben

Joking with Great Grandma Veena

Reuben adores his Uncle Chris

Which one is not like the others?  Which one just doesn’t belong?

PaPa Mac and Reuben

Reuben has followed in his Mommy’s footsteps by showing his intensity by making this face.  My parents have a picture of me doing the exact same thing when I was a baby.

Wow…I can’t believe she’s actually riding that thing.

Checking out the goats with Grandma Z.

I love how my dad has a tight grip on Reuben’s hoodie…just in case…

Well, hello there!

Chillin with Mr. Scarecrow.

Nick started singing and Reuben started dancing 🙂

Ummm, Reuben, we don’t kiss the goats.

Reuben had a long convo with these cows.  They kept “moooing” back and forth.

Playing a game of chase with Uncle Chris.

1…2…3…Blast Off!

Here’s Mr. Intensity again.

This one is just my size!

Look, Daddy!

I’m gonna give this a little nibble…

Well, that was disgusting.

Silly Uncle Chris!

We love him anyway 🙂

Thanks, guys!  That was a blast!



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