Shannon’s Engaged!!!

The good news just keeps rolling in around the McNamara household! Last night, Shannon and Neal got engaged at the Tulsa State Fair! Neal had been developing an elaborate plan for 6 months and it worked out perfectly! He went to the fair over his lunch break yesterday to find a booth that does caricatures. He told them that he would be back at 8:00 pm & asked if they’d be interested in helping him propose. They agreed and the plan started rolling. Neal got in touch with his cousins to hide out at the fair so they could videotape and photograh the whole event. After stalling at the fair for about an hour, they headed over to the caricature booth. They sat down together to have their picture drawn, but they couldn’t see the artist’s easel. Little did Shannon know, the picture he was drawing was of Neal down on his knee proposing to her! A crowd started to form to watch the proposal unfold. Finally the artist was done and revealed the picture to Shannon. She was shocked! Next thing she knew, Neal was down on his knee asking her to marry him! She said “Yes!” and looked up to see the crowd in tears and happily celebrating with them.

I am so excited for Shannon and Neal! They are an amazing couple who are absolutely meant for each other. Welcome to the family, Neal! We’re so blessed to have you!

The GORGEOUS ring!!!


The caricature…this will be a lifelong treasure 🙂


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