Our church hosted a volunteer appreciation party this afternoon at a local park.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the staff to serve the volunteers and allow them time to “refuel” by spending time with their family and friends.  We had inflatable toys, a dunk tank, and lots of food.  We were thankful for no rain; however, it was QUITE chilly.  Everyone seemed to have a great time…including Reuben 🙂

Figuring out his balance on the inflatable toy

My poor son couldn’t keep his jeans up.  The waist is too big, but the length is too short.  This kid needs a belt…

Trying out the slide for the first time.  He has no fear!


Hmm…I wonder if this slide is as cool as the other one…


Taking some time to relax in the swing

Back to the big slide!

Still loving it!

Reuben convinced his buddy, Isaiah, to give it a shot.  He doesn’t seem as excited as Reuben!

Daddy joined in too…HA!

Snack break with Daddy.

Reuben LOVED the popcorn, but REFUSED to try the cotton candy.

Ending a FUN day with some hang time with his buddy, Troyer 🙂


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