We signed Reuben up for a weekly soccer league at an indoor soccer facility in town.  He is on the Bunnies “team.”  His soccer “practice” consists of kicking balls around, stretching and running, building a tower out of cones, playing with bubbles, playing with a parachute, and some free time to just run around.  Reuben seems to really enjoy it!  He always takes a great nap afterward too!  These pictures are from the first 3 weeks of soccer…

Catching his first glimpse of the soccer field.  He’s ready to get down and run!

Circle time with his teammates.

Showing off for his fans in the crowd.

Building a tower with Daddy.


Pausing for a quick pic.

Checking out the parachute…not too sure about it yet…

Getting a stamp from his coach.  The little girl on his team is TOO cute.

The Bruise Brothers.

Making a run for it!

Reuben and Isaiah have decided they’re too cool for bubbles.

Showing off their new jerseys!  Just so you know…it is a Christmas miracle that we managed to get a picture with both of them looking at the camera.

3 Comments on “Soccer”

  1. Joleen says:

    3 posts in 3 days, I’m impressed! I Love the pic of him pressed against the glass. too cute!

  2. CANEY says:


  3. Becca says:

    Dar-ar-LING! And I’m totally coveting your new blog background. Very fall festive.

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