Join me in singing…

It’s the most wonderful time
It’s the most wonderful time
It’s the most wonderful time
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!

I absolutely LOVE fall!!!  Today, Wednesday, September 22nd, I’m overwhelmed with excitement because my favorite time of year is OFFICIALLY upon us!  Here are just a few reasons I love this time of year SO much:

1.  COOLER TEMPERATURES:  I am NOT a fan of the summer temperatures.  I don’t get warm fuzzies and butterflies when thinking about pulling out my summer clothes and having cookouts out back.  When summer comes around, I want to find ANY excuse I can to stay indoors.  I hate sweating.  I hate sunbathing.  I hate feeling like I’m going to die during the 10 seconds it takes me to walk from my house to my car in the garage.  Don’t get me wrong…summer is a WONDERFUL time because it means NO SCHOOL, but the second the first heat wave hits, I want to pack up and move to Alaska.

This 7 Day Forecast almost makes me want to kiss the weatherman.  I don’t trust Oklahoma, though.  I’m not quite sure we’re in the clear yet.

2.  FOOTBALL:  I’m not necessarily a huge fan of watching football, but I absolutely LOVE the sound of football on the TV.  The sound reminds me of my favorite season and brings back many fond memories of attending high school and college football games.  There is NOTHING better than being lulled into a Sunday afternoon nap by the sound of referee whistles, helmets colliding, and crowds cheering.  I also really enjoy seeing my husband GIDDY with excitement over his fantasy football drafts and teams.  It’s pretty cute 😉

Now, if THESE GUYS can pull it together and start winning some games, I’d be MUCH HAPPIER.

3.  BIRTHDAYS:  Nick and I both have birthdays in November.  I love the anticipation, the family time spent celebrating, the Merritts’ cake, and the Facebook messages.  Lame?  Whatever…you know you like them too.  God knew what He was doing when He created His plan for my life.  November was the PERFECT time for me to grace this world with my presence.  By the time my birthday rolls around, I could nearly explode with excitement.  Those of you who know me well know that I’m just a tad intense about life.  The passing of a birthday could leave me in a depressed state because I’ve spent so much time anticipating; however, guess what’s right around the corner?  That’s right!  Thanksgiving and Christmas!  The party just keeps on keeping on!

Here’s a picture of last year’s birthday celebration 🙂

4.  FALL FOLIAGE:  There is just nothing more gorgeous than the changing leaves of fall.  I love driving around town and seeing the beautiful leaves of all different colors.  We serve such a creative God.  I feel like God is giving us a special gift each year when He puts on a show of colored leaves.

Absolutely breathtaking…  I wish I was there right now!

5.  APPLE CIDER:  My favorite drink of the season is a caramel apple cider from Starbucks.  Taking a drink of that cider sends me to a place where all feels right with the world.  I love the taste, the smell, and the way the drink warms me up on a cold day.

You better believe I will be drinking one of these bad boys on the first chilly day of fall.  I can’t wait!


3 Comments on “I LOVE FALL!!!”

  1. Mama Mac says:

    I love this, Amy!! The only thing that would have made this better would be to add how much your mother also loves Fall and how much you love your mother 😉

  2. […] was catapulted into an instant happy place.  I mentioned some of my favorite parts of fall in this post, but I mistakingly left out two of my […]

  3. Dad says:

    amy. I know you love fall. so do I. but where is the love for your dad when we did the1st annual fall foliage tour (disaster)? whasup wid dat?

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