18 Months Old

Well, I’m a week late on this post 😦  Life is crazy right now!  My baby boy is growing so fast!  Reuben is understanding more and more everyday.  It is so fun to watch his little mind processing both new and familiar people and events.  Pushing the limits is a daily occurrence around here, but Reuben has done great with learning to obey.  Reuben’s signed and spoken vocabulary is continually increasing.  I’m thankful for his ability to communicate his wants/needs/thoughts a little better each day.  The little man is still not a very big eater, but would do pretty much anything for a glass of juice or milk.  He loves the computer, and tries to divert our attention so he can make a run for the office.  We find him on his tippy toes, reaching up to the keyboard and mouse, and typing (pounding) as fast as he can.  My FAVORITE moments with Reuben right now are our special cuddle time first thing in the morning and our bedtime routine.  We have some of the sweetest moments and the biggest laughs during these times.  Reuben loves to pray, but will quickly let you know if it’s going on too long by shouting and signing, “AMEN!”

Relaxing on the back porch with Daddy

1st day of soccer!  Reuben is on the Bunnies “team” with his buddy, Isaiah, in the Lil Kickers program at Soccer City.  (Soccer will have a blog post of its own…one day…)

We took Reuben to the zoo for the first time over Labor Day weekend.  He had a great time even though it was a little hot!

We were most nervous about how Reuben would respond to the elephants because he has a slight fear of them (on TV or as a toy); however, he did great with seeing them in real life!  After walking through the entire zoo, we quickly learned that Reuben is mostly fond of fish and underwater animals.  We’ll definitely be heading to the aquarium next!

All dressed up and ready for Sunday morning church!

Yes, this picture is blurry.  I’m using this as an example of why it is SO STINKING HARD to get a picture of my son.  He thinks it’s hilarious to run after the camera.  He knows the picture shows up on the screen on the back of the camera, so anytime we’re trying to take a picture, he’s running to try to see the picture!

Reuben enjoyed cheering on the Golden Hurricane in their victory over Bowling Green.  The lollipop was a great form of entertainment.  It was sticky BUT IT WORKED!


One Comment on “18 Months Old”

  1. Vivi says:

    I love ALL these pics! Reuben Mac is an adorable 18mo old boy! So observant and sweet 🙂 We love him and his parentals VERY mucho!

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