1st Day of “School”

Reuben had his first day of school today.  He is attending Mother’s Day Out on Tuesdays at Liberty Church while I have office hours at TU.  I’m really excited about this opportunity for Reuben to socialize with other kids his age.  I think he will benefit from the structured environment and the organized play.  He had a great first day!  His teacher said he played well with his friends and tried to give hugs to everyone.  I’m so thankful the first day was a success!

All dressed and ready for his first day!

Watching the school bus across the street…

…and running to catch the school bus!  Sorry, Reuben, you’re not quite old enough yet!

A little note from Mommy in his lunch box 🙂

Just chillaxin’ with all his goods packed and ready for school!

One more picture in front of the church.  Reuben was ready to go!


3 Comments on “1st Day of “School””

  1. Janet Bailey says:

    Amy, I love your website. Reuben is adorable! That was such a special video about your new niece or nephew to be. I’m so happy for you all. You are all amazing. Love, Mrs. Bailey (Janet)

  2. Kara says:

    I just LOVE this boy! He looks adorable..I love his hair all gelled up! He is so handsome!

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