Kaleidoscope Children’s Museum

During our last week of summer break, we went with some friends to the Kaleidoscope Children’s Museum.  Kaleidoscope is a hands-on, interactive museum for kids.  They have a kids-size restaurant, grocery store, doctor’s office, theater, jail, etc.  When we heard about the museum it sounded like a wonderful INDOOR option during our stretch of terribly high temperatures.  The museum was fun, but could be SO much nicer.  It was a bit unorganized and really in need of a good cleaning; HOWEVER, the kids had fun and that was the most important thing.  The museum definitely has great potential!

Isaiah found this little walker in the hospital and fell in love with it right away.  He used that walker to explore the rest of the area!

You mean I can pull everything off this map and not get into trouble for it???

Diego had so much fun grocery shopping.  Love 3 things about this pic:  1.  Vivi’s adorable face,  2.  Diego’s foot popped up,  3.  The healthy food selection in Deigo’s basket!!!

Reuben and Isaiah loved having the freedom to run and explore.

Trying to figure out this HUGE jungle gym.

King of the world 🙂

He quickly turned this bowling pin into a baseball bat.

The two jail birds.  I love their guilty faces!

What’d we do this time???

He’s a little too cute to be locked up!

Diego surprised us all when he popped out of the huge baby bottle!

Reuben wanted a turn to be just like his buddy Diego 🙂

Once Reuben discovered this working microphone, he was in heaven.  He sang into that thing for awhile!  He would sing a note and start clapping for himself.  He expected the audience to join in the applause too!

The boys did a little gardening…

…Brielle joined in the fun for a minute, but she wasn’t too happy about it 😦

Towards the end of our time at the museum, we went back into the room with the giant jungle gym/slide contraption.  Reuben wanted to climb up the slide, and he got SOO mad when he would slip and start sliding back down.  I’ve never seen him get so frustrated!  My poor child will be the one that bursts into tears if he makes a B on a test.  I have no idea who he gets that from!  We finally decided to leave because Reuben was just getting too worked up about his failure to climb the slide.  Bless his little perfectionist heart 😦


One Comment on “Kaleidoscope Children’s Museum”

  1. Dear Reuben, Next time, try the ladder 🙂

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