17 Months Old

Well, another month has come and gone, and my baby has officially become a little boy.  This has been a big month for Reuben!  He’s saying more words, learning and using more signs, walking better and faster, taking more risks, exerting more of his opinion, pushing more boundaries, laughing and interacting more, eating new foods, and proving that he is ALL BOY.  Reuben stretches and tests me, but he makes up for it by giving big hugs and blowing me kisses.  I’m so proud to be his mom and am thoroughly enjoying each new stage!

Reuben’s showing off his new backpack!  He LOVES to carry his bag and I’m SO thankful to be done with the diaper bag for now.

Too cool for school 🙂

Reuben’s reading the card he got in the mail from Auntie Ray Ray and showing off an adorable outfit from Miss Amanda.

Just being cute…one of his greatest talents!

Reuben found a stash of crafts in Mommy’s room and went to town.  He had fun while it lasted.

We were regulars at one of the Broken Arrow community pools before they closed this week 😦  Reuben became more and more confident, and by the last day, he was going down the slide in the kiddie pool forwards, backwards, head-first, and feet-first.  He loved it!  I love how his buddy, Isaiah, is keeping an eye on him.

Reuben’s showing some support for SHARK WEEK.

Sweatin to the oldies.

Best buds going for a ride.  I won’t tell you what happened 5 seconds after this picture was taken…

We tried to grow Reuben’s hair out, but it just wasn’t working out.  So…here’s the before pic…

And…the after pic…

Trying to climb out the 2nd story window of his slide.  Oh man…

It has been SOOO hot this summer and we’re tired of being cooped up inside!  I decided to take Reuben to the gym at Liberty to run around and play with all kinds of balls; however, he spent most of his time trying to climb on the bleachers and explore.

Miss Kara gave him a lift so he could dunk the basketball 🙂


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