Family Reunion in Pennsylvania

Over the 4th of July weekend, we headed to Greensburg, Pennsylvania (approx 1 hour from Pittsburgh) for an Agimudie family reunion.  There are a TON of pictures, so I will tell the story as I go 🙂  Enjoy!

This was Reuben’s 1st time to fly and Mommy was a NERVOUS WRECK!  Our flights going to and coming from PA were at 6:00 in the morning (thanks to the limits of frequent flyer miles) so we were all VERY tired.  And by all, I mean Mommy and Daddy.  Reuben managed to find some kind of supernatural energy that fueled him through the whole first flight and a 2 hour layover in Chicago…BOTH times.  He was happy, busy, and mobile.  We survived the flights, and I must say, the people around us were very gracious.  On 2 different flights, there was a man and a woman that played peek-a-boo with Reuben when the situation was becoming desperate.  They definitely saved the day.  The next step was Mommy jumping out the nearest exit.

Here’s Reuben jamming out to some Praise Baby.

We landed in Pittsburgh, picked up our rental car, and drove downtown to meet up with Nick’s older cousin, Josiah (visiting from Brazil).  He took us for a short walk of the downtown streets of Pittsburgh.  It was a beautiful day and so nice to walk around in the fresh air!

One of our stops was a fish market.  The smell was TERRIBLE, but Reuben loved seeing all the fish swimming around in their tanks.  Poor fishies…they have no idea what’s coming.  One of the workers offered to pull out a lobster for Reuben to see.  We were all mesmerized.

After we got all settled in our hotel in Greensburg, we headed over to Uncle Ulric and Auntie Sharon’s house for dinner.  Not too long after dinner, the family “singspiration” begun, which consisted of a mix between country and gospel oldies but goodies.  Auntie Sharon is a very talented pianist, and Reuben LOVED sitting on her lap, watching her play, and occasionally striking a few notes of his own.

On the first morning, Daddy and Uncle Chris went golfing.  Reuben and I stayed back and went for a walk in a shopping area right next to our hotel.  We stopped by PetCo and Reuben was IN LOVE.  He got so excited about the fish, birds, and mice.  He could have watched them forever.

One of Reuben’s favorite parts of the whole trip was getting to see his Uncle Chris everyday.  I’m sure he felt like a human jungle gym by the end of this trip!

On the 2nd day we were there, we got to go to an outdoor arts festival.  The guy working the parking lot took his job very seriously, but did he really need that long of an antenna on his headphones?

Reuben, me, cousin Jienna (visiting from Switzerland), Auntie Sharon, Nick, Zal, Chris, and cousin Kolona all enjoying the beautiful weather at the arts festival!

The arts festival had a petting zoo.  We decided Reuben was a little young to go in (or maybe we were too scared), so we pushed his stroller right up to the gate so he could watch all the animals.  He loved it!

Family pic by the lake at the arts festival.

I absolutely LOVE watching Nick be a daddy.  It absolutely melts my heart.

On Saturday morning, we had a World Cup watch party.  Josiah made some MASSIVE omelettes that were DELICIOUS.

Josiah brought a vuvuzela from Brazil, and while I’m not sure it was intended for this purpose, it totally occupied Reuben during the game.  He had so much fun blowing the vuvuzela and waving it around, thereby threatening the lives of all those sitting with a two feet radius of him.

When he became bored with the vuvuzela, he moved on to the Brazilian maracas.  He was soooo tired, but every time he started to nod off, he would give the maracas one last shake.

The shaking of the maracas gave Reuben a miraculous second wind so we moved his busy little party to the backyard.  He loved playing catch with Daddy.  I love how proudly he’s marching through the grass 🙂

My sweet little boy.

Reuben had a hard time sleeping on this trip, so this was a very common sight in our room.  All cuddled up in his jammies with his milk and his blanket, and taking up the WHOLE bed.  Once he passed out, we moved him to the pack and play until he woke up and figured out our trick…then it was back to the bed for Reuben!

Uncle Ulric and family have recently purchased this farmhouse, acreage, and barn.  They’ve been working very hard over the past 3 years to restore it to livable condition.  Both were built in the 1840s and have incredible potential!  It is AMAZING the progress they’ve made in the past 3 years!

The House

The Barn

Reuben loved the wide open field to play ball and run around.

Ready! Set! Hut!

Uncle Dave and Uncle Chris…two of Reuben’s BEST FRIENDS after this trip.

Hitching a ride with Uncle Dave 🙂

The first night on the farm was spent cooking a traditional Trinidadian dish…curry goat, roti (like a thick flour tortilla), and channa and aloo (curried chick peas and potatoes).  This family works much better when there is loud music playing so Nick pulled up the rental car, opened all the doors, and blasted some traditional Indian music.  Ghetto?  No!  Of course not!

Uncle Ulric and Auntie Grace helping to prepare dinner.

Who needs a Calphalon turner when you have a machete??? The table in the background hand made by Sydney and Uncle Murray earlier that day.  Need a table?  No problem!  We’ll just throw together these random wood scraps!

Auntie Sharon and Zal making the best roti I’ve ever had!

The curry goat was simmering in this massive pot and stirred using a large stick.  Nick’s cousin, Shera, decided to get in on a little of the stirring action.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to stir a huge pot of curry goat with a log?

Christmas card picture???

This picture should give you a little perspective to how massively huge the pot was.

On Sunday morning, we had the honor of leading a few songs of worship at a local church.  The pastor of this church has traveled to Trinidad once before to preach a crusade, and he will be going again this summer.  We began with a family rendition of some country gospel songs and ended with Nick and I singing a few more contemporary worship songs.  When Nick and I finished the first song, the sanctuary was very quiet, and Reuben screamed, “Oh yes!”  It was soooo sweet.  I got all choked up and had to regain my composure for the next song!

Reuben’s “reading” a book (an upside down hymnal, to be exact) with Shera

Playing the drums with Uncle Chris

Sitting in the back with Daddy during the message.  Mommy gave him lots to drink and prayed he would keep quiet during the sermon.  He did great!

After the service, Reuben got to play the drums all by himself.  He was in heaven!

Here’s a video of Reuben’s dream come true…a drum set all to himself 🙂

On Sunday afternoon, we had a large gathering of our family, some of Auntie Sharon’s family, and some of their friends.  We had a few (30) chickens for the event.

And a few desserts too…  Yes, they are ALL desserts.

Reuben helped to shuck some corn.

I got in on the action too!  I’m so country in my dress and sandals.

This hammock was a favorite spot for sure because there was a cool breeze that blew through.  Reuben enjoyed relaxing with his Grandma Z.

Washing the pot in preparation for boiling corn.

The pot was big enough for Reuben to take a swim.

Josiah and Uncle Dave keeping watch over the 30 chickens.  Can we all take a moment of silence to pause and reflect on the size of Josiah’s boots?

Uncle Dave and Auntie Grace, a match made in heaven.  Look at that teamwork!  They look like they’ve done this once or twice!

Relaxing with Uncle Chris, and winding down for a nap.

July 4th is Uncle Ulric’s birthday, so a large part of this gathering was to celebrate him.  Uncle Dave got the party kicked off…AKA…let the eating begin.

Reuben is feeling much better after a nap and ready to spend some more time with his buddy, Uncle Dave.

Stop arguing and put on your happy face for a picture.  Nick listened, Chris didn’t.

Daddy and his little buddy 🙂

As the night wore on, another “singspiration” broke out.  Reuben joined in the fun by dancing around and screaming.

We felt a meltdown coming on so what does Daddy do?  Start throwing Reuben in the air!

Reuben’s favorite part of our hotel was talking on the phone.  He would take the phone off the receiver and walk around as far as the cord would reach.

On the last day, we had breakfast, just the 3 of us.  Reuben had just thrown his cheerios on the floor and he got embarrassed, and hid his face in shame.

One final picture with Grandma and Grandpa on the last night of our trip. So long, folks!


2 Comments on “Family Reunion in Pennsylvania”

  1. auntie linda says:

    Love the picture of REUBEN marching thru the field! those little legs walking high …
    Sounded like a great and wonderfully interesting reunion , Amy.. Ummm wish i had been there for the lobster and goat !!

  2. Robert Mayer says:

    Great pics! Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

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