16 Months Old

Well, folks, it’s official…I have the cutest 16 month old on the planet.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t sit back in total amazement that God has given me such a gift.

Reuben’s little personality grows more each day.  MOST of the time, he is a very sweet, laid back little guy; however, he is definitely testing his limits and expressing his opinions on a frequent basis.  Reuben has discovered the power of his voice and likes to use it by screaming as loud as he can.  We were in Wal-Mart the other day and there was a mom and her daughter (about the same age as Reuben) grocery shopping.  Reuben saw the little girl so he screamed as loud as he could.  The little girl screamed back, Reuben screamed back, the little girl screamed back, Reuben screamed back…on and on and on and on.  The mother and I just looked at each other and exchanged this look of, “whatever it takes to keep them happy and content so we can finish our shopping in peace!”  The best part of the whole screaming match is that it continued as we moved aisles and aisles away from each other.  I’m sure the other customers were thrilled.

Reuben loves to run, throw and chase balls, swing (does someone want to volunteer to push him in the swing in this 1,000 degree Oklahoma heat?!?), and read books.  We’ve recently discovered the PBS Sprout channel and, for the first time since Praise Baby DVDs, Reuben will actually sit and watch TV.  I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.  Everything in moderation, right?

My most favorite development of this past month is Reuben learning and loving to give kisses.  He puckers, leans forward, and kisses me smack on the mouth 🙂  He’s also learned how to shake his head “no” when I ask for a kiss and just LAUGH when I make a pouty face.  I love being able to interact with him that way!

One of the best parts of this past month has been having Daddy at home!  Nick was in between jobs and had 3.5 weeks off to be with us!  We (I) had big plans for all the projects we could do, but most of the projects got replaced with fun quality family time 🙂

Reuben’s hanging out with Daddy in bed, eating some snacks, and probably watching the World Cup!

A few days into our “staycation” with Daddy, we were in a pretty bad rear end collision.  We were at a complete stop at a red light and the car behind us ran into us going about 35 mph.  Thankfully we were all okay, and our car (after 3 weeks in the shop) is fixed.  I would like to give a special shout out to our good friend, Jenny Rollins, who works for Safe Kids.  Jenny has helped us tremendously by checking to make sure our car seat is installed properly.  I’m sure you parents out there know how intimidating this process can be so we were very thankful to have Jenny do it for us.  After the accident, it was a huge relief to know that Reuben was safe and healthy because our car seat was installed properly and it did it’s job well!  If you’re not sure about the accuracy of your car seat installation, I encourage you to go to one of their car seat check up events. Another lifesaver has been our chiropractor, Dr. Bradley.  He has taken wonderful care of us before and after the accident.  Reuben loves going to his office and has become quite the pro when it comes to getting adjusted or riding on Mommy or Daddy’s tummy on the traction table 🙂

One of Reuben’s favorite parts of going to visit Dr. Bradley is getting a lollipop afterwards.  It’s a sticky mess, but he sure enjoys them!

I’m sooooo glad the World Cup is over.  Can I get an AMEN?  Reuben proudly supported Spain by wearing his authentic soccer uniform straight from Madrid (thanks to G-pa and G-ma Agimudie!).

Okay, this is real life…my son in a pajama top, no pants, and crocs, mowing the living room floor that is strewn with books, shoes, and diapers.

Reuben loved eating the blackberries out of Daddy’s sundae at the new Cherry Berry in BA.  PaPa had the pleasure of holding Reuben while he was eating the blackberries 🙂

Just a little bedhead while relaxing on vacation.

My sweet little boy on the 4th of July.

Terrible picture quality because these 2 little boogers don’t sit still, BUT I just loved this moment.  Reuben’s BFF, Isaiah, is sharing his ice cream cone at Braum’s 🙂

Enjoying some quality play time with Troyer.  T-man was making some great crafts…Reuben was eating them.

Feeding himself some beef and noodles…this was Daddy’s great idea.

Having a blast at the splash park while Mommy melts into the cement.


One Comment on “16 Months Old”

  1. Jenny Rollins says:

    Amy – the pics of Reuben are precious! I love them all, but especially the one of him in his car seat. 🙂 When you and Nick called to tell me you were in a wreck and that Reuben was safe it brought me to tears. Reading your blog did it to me again. I am so thankful you are all safe and it makes what I do worth every minute. You all are dear to us and always will be!

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