Day Trip to Falls Creek

On Thursday, we took a one day road trip to visit my sister and br0ther-in-law at Falls Creek.  After a few little detours in the morning (aka forgetting a few things at the house and dreadful traffic), we put the pedal to the medal and made it there to have lunch with Rachel and Chad.  They took us to a burger joint in Sulfur, OK that has the BEST drinks in the state.  I’m a Sonic girl through and through but their ice gave Sonic a run for their money.  After we all consumed enough caffeine for a week, we got a refill for the road and headed to Falls Creek, 5 minutes away 😉  I would like to mention that the day we went on this little road trip just happened to be the hottest day of the year.  Thankfully, we were all well hydrated after our lunch stop!

Rachel took us on a golf cart tour of campus so we could see all the AMAZING improvements that have been going on in the 5+ years since we’ve been there.  There are some GREAT things going on!  The camp was full of over 5,000 students and on one day of this week they had 119 students pray to receive Christ!  It was so awesome to see the many ways the camp has evolved to be relevant to today’s youth but has still maintained the same characteristics that’s made it Falls Creek for so many years.  For example, there is a HUGE skate park, a coffee shop, and state of the art sound & lighting equipment in the new tabernacle, BUT the campus, vision, and heart of Falls Creek clearly remains the same.  I have so many wonderful memories at Falls Creek so I always love to come back and reminisce.

Reuben is sporting his best “smile” to show his “excitement” for the road trip.  He was NOT too happy about the time in his car seat.  (For those observant readers, yes, we are in a different car and have a new car seat.  We were rear-ended pretty badly last week.  Thankfully, we are all okay and our car is in the shop getting fixed.)

Relaxing on Auntie Ray Ray’s bed in her air conditioned room.  Ahhhhh….

LOVING the quality time with Auntie Ray Ray…

AND Auntie Shan.

More pics in Auntie Ray Ray’s summer suite 🙂

A fun game of tag/tickle/get away from an auntie as quickly as possible.

Reuben LOVED the golf cart.  He liked to help Auntie Ray Ray drive by holding onto the wheel.

Driving all by himself!

This picture makes me laugh.  Shannon and Nick faithfully took one for the team by riding on the back of the golf cart in the sweltering heat and holding on for dear life.

(For those of you Oklahoman Southern Baptist girls out there, this picture is taken in front of a cabin at Camp Nunny Cha-Ha!  Rachel, Chad, and all other Falls Creek staffers live at Nunny all summer.  It is no longer used for GA camp.  I’m pretty sure this is a cabin I stayed in one summer.)

THIS…is Ava Lodge.  It is UNBELIEVABLE.  The picture doesn’t even do it justice.  You really need a panoramic view to see the whole thing!  This bad boy is 3 stories and can hold one church youth group on each story.  It is GORGEOUS.  This sure beats some of the cinder block cabins I stayed in at Falls Creek!!!

To the left…

To the right…

Relaxing and cooling off in the coffee shop.

Eating some ice chips and drinking some water to cool off after the golf cart tour.

Uncle Chad scored some major cool points when he got Reuben a cup of shaved ice from the sno cone stand.

Checking out the new tabernacle.  How did I ever sit through a service in an outdoor tabernacle?!?

Taking a break to jam to some tunes.

Testing out the new chairs.  These sure beat the heavily grafittied wooden pews!

Riding with the boys.

Big boy!

Completely worn out.  Taking a break to cool off and drink some juice.

And he was passed out within minutes of pulling away from Falls Creek…


3 Comments on “Day Trip to Falls Creek”

  1. Aunty linda says:

    wow .. Loved the photos ..
    Can I become a southern baptist girl and stay here for a week? In the big lodge , that is !
    You all look great .Reuben is cuter by the month ,love his smile and HAIR !

  2. Katie Hurst says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how much Falls Creek has changed! I had some good times going there with the Liberty youth group. It just doesn’t look the same without those old graffiti benches. Shannon, did you make it through this time without a trip to the nurses station? 🙂

  3. Jodi says:

    Holy smokes! I am blown away by Falls Creek! I haven’t been in YEARS! And, that new tabernacle!? WHOA! Those kids don’t know how good they have it!! HA! How in the world did we sit outside in 184 degree heat getting splinters in our rears?! 🙂

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