15 Months Old

Well, I’m a few days late on this one 😦  On Sunday, Reuben Mac was 15 months old!  He had his well child check up yesterday and he’s tipping the scales at 23.6 pounds (40 %ile) and 31.25 inches long (50 %ile)!  We’re thankful that he’s gained some weight in the past couple of months.  I was starting to get concerned when his weight %ile was steadily declining.  Now the goal is to keep it steady.  Reuben is constantly changing; however, many things remain the same.  He is very JOYFUL and has LOTS to SAY.  We haven’t quite identified all the words he’s saying, but we are always getting an earful of his opinion on everything.  Some of his favorite words/phrases are “mama,” da eee” (daddy), “oh man,” “oh yes,” “dis” (this), and “woah.”  Reuben feels like the world is his audience and everyone should want to speak to him.  When we are in public places, he waits for someone to pay attention to him, and then he talks their poor little ear off.  He is quite the charmer!  Reuben LOVES to play with balls, drumsticks, and remote controls.  He really enjoys being outside, and especially enjoys playing in the water.  Reuben also loves to DANCE.  Give him any type of beat or music, and he’ll stop what he’s doing and bust a move.

I just had to throw in this picture of him in his speedo again.  Just too darn cute…

Having a blast at Chic-fil-a.

Reuben and Isaiah are constantly learning to use their hands to LOVE each other.  Isaiah’s mommy and I are confident that they’ll learn this lesson SOMEDAY.

Reuben had a blast swimming in the pool with Uncle Chris and cousins on Memorial Day at Uncle Rikki’s house.

One of Reuben’s many new faces.  When he’s focused, he’s been jutting out his bottom teeth and lip.

Hi guys!  (Oh my…look at those eyebrows.  He needs to go with Mommy on my next eyebrow waxing appointment!)


I love this picture!  Reuben’s totally worn out from swimming so he’s relaxing with Great Grandma on the swing.  Notice Grandma is ultra hip with her orange silly bandz. (Why couldn’t I have invented those?  I mean SERIOUSLY!!!)

Playing some tunes with Kanyon.

They both look so guilty!

One of Reuben’s favorite hobbies…brushing his teeth.

I love this picture even though my camera work is terrible and I cut off half the people’s heads.  Anyway, Reuben’s just cracking up with the guys.

Reuben decided to do some cleaning at Cammie’s house.

Reuben’s working on mastering his “cheese” face.  Umm…still needs a little work, son.


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