Playing at the Splash Pad

Our neighborhood has a beautiful park with a playground, large field, and splash pad.  Since Reuben’s been walking this past month, the park is a FUN place to be.  He loves to run around, swing, and play on the slide.  After dinner tonight, I got Reuben all dressed in his swim trunks, tank top, and water shoes and took him to play on the splash pad.  We barely survived the walk to the park without melting into the cement, BUT once we got there and starting playing in the water, the miserably HOT walk was well worth it.  Reuben had a BLAST!!!  We will definitely be regulars there this summer; although, I’m sure we will not be attempting to go in the sweltering afternoon heat.  Early morning or early evening works just great for us!  (Please excuse the horribly mismatched outfit.  Reuben can’t be fashionable ALL the time!!!)

**Warning:  Do not watch if you have to go to the bathroom 😉 **


2 Comments on “Playing at the Splash Pad”

  1. Karen Luper says:

    that outfit doesn’t match? 😉 I loved all the vacation pictures, looks like you guys had a lot of fun! We need to get together soon, we miss you guys. Love you!

  2. LOVE the photos and the video. He’s so cute and expressive. Please come play in the fountains at Crown Center soon!

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