Visit to Auntie Ray Ray’s Class

My older sister, Rachel, and her husband, Chad, left on Tuesday to serve the whole summer at Falls Creek.  Chad and Rachel will be mentors to several college students who are spending their summer working at Falls Creek.  I’m so proud of Chad and Rachel and can’t wait to hear all about their summer of INFLUENCE!

Tuesday was Rachel’s last day of school (yes, she taught the last day of school and then moved 4 hours away for the summer…in the same day), so Reuben and I stopped by to say goodbye to his Auntie Ray Ray.  Reuben had a blast playing with Rachel’s 2nd graders.  I love being able to go to Rachel’s class to visit the students that we all love hearing stories about.  I always leave so amazed at the talent my sister has as an educator.  She is very well respected by her students, colleagues, and the parents of the students.  One little boy came up to Rachel and said, “Mrs. Coleman, I’m happy and sad today.  I’m happy for summer break but I’m sad to leave you.”  This simple statement really sums up Rachel’s influence in the classroom.  The students have so much joy on their faces when they enter her classroom and they leave having learned, laughed, and been loved unconditionally for the duration of the school year.  As an educator myself, I truly understand how much good teaching requires of a person.  I’m thankful for teachers like my sister that continually rise to the challenge of educating students.

Mrs. Coleman and her class on the last day of school 🙂

Reuben was planning his attack on the game of Apples to Apples.

The students were so sweet to let Reuben join in.  He got to hold his own card.

This little guy shared his blocks with Reuben.

Reuben kept trying to escape and run the hallways of the school!

Reuben found a couple new buddies.  They were so sweet and gentle with him…even holding his hand 🙂

His favorite activity was the blocks!  The kids were very patient with him even when he disrupted their play time.


One Comment on “Visit to Auntie Ray Ray’s Class”

  1. Allison says:

    He is adorable! I love the pics of him playing with the “big kids”. Can you believe how grown up our babies are?

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