14 Months Old

Well, it’s been a big month in the Agimudie household…Reuben is FINALLY walking!  He took his first significant number of steps on April 18th.  He struggled for a few days but once he got the hang of it, he’s never looked back!  He is ALL OVER THE PLACE now and loving every minute of his new found independence.  Reuben has also decided he wants to help Mommy “clean and organize” around the house.  He loves to empty out his pajama and diaper drawer, take all the shoes off the shelf in the closet, empty his toy box, clean out his diaper bag, and take all the books off the shelf.  Reuben is also becoming quite the little drummer.  You could stop by our house at any given moment and there is a 99.9% chance he will have a drumstick in one or both hands.  Reuben loves to dance, swing, and TALK.  I’m officially on summer break and I’m loving every minute of watching my little boy explore, develop, and learn.  These are some FUN days!!!

My handsome little boy all dressed up for church

Pretty proud of his HUGE pile of laundry.  By the way, we have been blessed OVER and OVER with hand-me-down clothes from friends with boys.  Thank you for your generosity!!!

Reuben and Isaiah had a playdate at my house while Isaiah’s mommy, Kara, was at The Ellen Show winning a trip to London.

Reuben had a ball cheering for his daddy, uncle, and grandpa in a local table tennis tourney.  Daddy and Uncle Chris won 1st and 2nd place!

Enjoying his first taste of an ice cream cone.  Thanks, Daddy!

The sugar coma is starting to set in.

Just cleaning out some drawers…

More “cleaning”

Reuben loves his new swing on the back porch.  The swing is even better when he has a drumstick in hand!

Rachel, me, Reuben, and my mom on Mother’s Day.

Me and my sweet boy.  I’m so blessed to be his mommy 🙂

Reuben’s getting the cards all ready to give to me on Mother’s Day!  He and Daddy surprised me with a Shark Steam Mop later that night!  I am SO thrilled!

One of Chris’ friends, Jenn, is serving in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia for 2 years.  She sent this authentic Ethiopian outfit for Reuben.  We had to wait awhile, but he finally grew into it!

This is a video of Reuben’s walking.  This is the day after he started taking several consecutive steps.  He’s showing off his skills to Auntie Shan and Neal.


One Comment on “14 Months Old”

  1. jentmarie says:

    Yeah! Congrats little RMac on so many big steps! Ames, I love reading your notes. Your enthusiasm for motherhood is so inspiring. Praying for you as you keep up the great work. Love you!

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