Reuben’s Fashion Show Debut

Reuben’s Auntie Shan works as a Sales Manager at Dillard’s.  Because of her connections, Reuben was invited to be in the Kids Department Easter fashion show.  We found out about it on a Saturday morning and the fashion show was that day at 1:00.  We rushed around, got Reuben ready, invited another friend to join us and headed to the mall.  We got to pick out an outfit for Reuben to wear and were able to purchase that outfit for a discounted price.  The experience was really fun!  I’m thankful for friends like the Harris’ who will jump at the chance to join us at the last minute.  We had a great time and the boys didn’t seem to hate it too much 😉 Enjoy the pics!

All dressed and ready to go.

Cheesin for the camera.

Walking the runway with Auntie Shan.

Reuben’s very fashionable BFF, Isaiah.

The grand finale!

So…I bought these shoes for Reuben for his Easter outfit and threw them on him in our rush to get out of the house.  I couldn’t figure out why he kept kicking them off.  After the show, we were changing him back into his other clothes when I realized the tissue paper was still stuffed in the toes of his shoes.  Mom of the year award is calling my name!

Loving all the attention from Mommy.

Reuben and a very scruffy Daddy. Thankfully, he shaved for Easter.

The stars of the show, Reuben and Isaiah 🙂


One Comment on “Reuben’s Fashion Show Debut”

  1. great aunt Linda says:

    oh ! He is a doll ! love the jeans and tie, and hope his feet won’t be permanently damaged by the “stuffed shoes”… I knew a man……
    Happy spring to all of you !

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