13 Months Old

Reuben is a one year old boy through and through.  He loves to use his drumsticks to hit every surface in the house, throw balls from the living room into the kitchen to hear and watch them bounce and roll on the tile floor, wrestle with Daddy, play outside in the dirt and grass, and much, much more EXCEPT walking on his own.  Yes, that’s right; my son is still not walking on his own.  He CAN walk…he chooses not to.  I’m not too concerned…at this point.  We’ll see how I feel if he’s still not walking by next month!  Reuben LOVES to talk and is producing so many sounds and syllables.  He says “Mama,” “Dada,” and “boos” (books).  Speaking of books, Reuben also LOVES to read.  He gets excited when Mommy and Daddy pick out books to read with him and also enjoys looking through books on his own.  He continues to attracts lots of attention while out shopping with Mommy and Daddy.  We’re very proud of our PRECIOUS growing boy!

Having a ball at his 1 year check up…before the shots 😦

Morning play time in the tent with Mommy.

Too cool for school.

Hanging with his buddies, Diego and Troyer, during a beautiful day at the park!

Getting some love from Diego.

All lined up and focused on the camera…thanks to Vivi’s amazing skillz!

The 3 little amigos: Reuben, Madelyn, and Isaiah.

Playing in the toy box at Cammie’s house.

LOVING his new xylophone!

Rocking away at Cammie’s house.

Reuben loves swinging at our neighborhood park.  Mommy wishes the swing was safer for babies 😦

Trying out his new swing and loving his Auntie Shan.

Sportin some style for his fashion show debut at Dillards.  Stay tuned for a whole post dedicated to his shining moment!

Having another great day at the park.

LOVING the beautiful spring weather in Oklahoma! (AND…sporting his custom made shirt from Auntie Karen.)


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