We had a wonderful Easter Sunday!  We attended an amazing service at Destiny Church.  It was very evident that much prayer, heart, and hard work had gone into preparing for this service.  The church staff and volunteers did an exceptional job!  I must say that I am so proud of Nick.  He humbly led God’s people into an anointed time of worship and helped to keep focus on the importance of Easter Sunday!  Reuben had a great time in his class with his friends and Auntie Karen 🙂  After church, we had our traditional lunch with my family at my parents’ house.  I’m so thankful for the traditions in my family.  Quality time with them is something that I never take for granted!  When all the clean up was done, my mom was very gracious and played with Reuben for awhile while Nick and I crashed on the couches.  That evening, we headed to Nick’s aunt and uncle’s house to celebrate with his family.  When we pulled up, there was an intense game of cricket going on in the cul de sac.  Nick hopped right in and Reuben and I sat out in the yard to watch.  Reuben enjoyed cheering for Daddy and Uncle Chris!  We are so blessed to have family and friends to celebrate with on the holidays!  I get chills every time I read or hear Luke 24:5-6, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He’s not here; He has risen!”  Thank you, Lord!!!  What a wonderful reason to CELEBRATE!

Mommy and Reuben

Daddy and Reuben

Our little family

I loooove Reuben’s smile in this picture.  Auntie Ray Ray was doing a great job getting him to look at the camera and smile.

The 3 McNamara girls

Mom and Daughters

A little bunny ear action

Kisses from Auntie Shan

Uncle Chad and Auntie Ray Ray (notice Auntie Shan in the back…ha!)

Relaxing in the grass and watchin Daddy play some cricket.

He is focused on the game.

Woohoo!  My own ball!

He might be eating some grass in this pic…


One Comment on “Easter”

  1. Becca says:

    You guys have such a beautiful little family… and the 4 McNamara girls are lookin’ fabulous as usual!

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