Reubs’ Tubes

As I mentioned in Reuben’s 11 month post, he had to have tubes put in due to frequent ear infections.  His surgery was on Wednesday, February 24th.  I was mostly nervous about having to wake him up early and not being able to feed him until after surgery; however, my sweet boy was such a trooper.  He did a great job and the surgery was a huge success!  We went for our 2 week check-up this week and he has no more fluid and no more hearing loss!  Praise the Lord!

I wasn’t planning to take pictures so I didn’t bring my good camera, but Reuben looked too cute that morning to not snap a few pics on my camera phone.  The quality is poor but the cuteness factor is high!

Why am I up so early???

The hospital gave him this little panda bear.  He loves it!

The bed head and hospital gown are a killer combo!

The wagon was a lifesaver.  Rolling up and down the hallway was a great distraction.

Reading books with Daddy.  Nick is thrilled that I’m taking a picture of him this early in the morning.

Reuben had the entire nursing staff wrapped around his little finger by the end of that morning.  He is such a charmer!


2 Comments on “Reubs’ Tubes”

  1. Karen Luper says:

    How is he doing? Both my kids did awesome with it…I know he’ll be feeling much better. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. […] Gabriella went in this morning to have tubes put in her ears.  We made the decision to move forward with tubes because she’s had consistent fluid in her ears for several months, her hearing was affected, and she still hasn’t taken off with her crawling so we’ve been wondering about the effect the fluid might have on her balance.  Reuben had tubes put in his ears at the exact same age. […]

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