1st Birthday Party

On Friday night, we hosted a basketball/polka-dot themed 1st birthday party for Reuben.  The basketball theme seemed appropriate since Reuben was born on the cusp of one of Mommy and Daddy’s favorite times of year…March Madness.  In fact, the night before Reuben was born, Nick and I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. watching a nail biter between Syracuse and…I forgot.  (What I would give to have those hours of sleep back!)  The TV was constantly turned to basketball games during our 2.5 day stay in the hospital and while Reuben was in the NICU, Nick and I would come home late at night and watch DVRed games to unwind.  Ahh…such memories!

I had so much fun planning the celebration!!!  We attempted to keep the party small so as not to overwhelm Reuben too much.  Our immediate family and friends from our small group at church were there for Reuben’s “All Star Game.”

Our little All-Star

This is one of my many attempts to get a good picture of him standing up.  He was actually falling forward in this one and put his hand forward and his tongue out.  A friend of ours photoshopped a basketball in his hand for me 🙂  My little Michael Jordan.

The entry way had an autograph table with Reuben’s basketball playing cards for each guest to take.  The front of the card had the picture of him in his basketball jersey and the back had his current stats.  Name: Reuben Mac; Birthdate: March 13, 2009; Height: 31 inches; Weight: 19.5 pounds; Skilled Dribbler; Authentic Bawler

(Special thanks to Kara for making all the tissue paper pom poms and helping me decorate AND my sister, Shannon, for helping to cut and hang all the streamers.)

“Happy Birthday, Reuben” banner made by Mommy.  I had so much fun doing all the crafty things for the party 🙂

My dad enjoying the trial run of the slide show.

Kitchen is all decorated and food is almost ready for our guests!

The birthday boy’s throne.

I made this wall hanging that includes one picture from each of the 1st 12 months of Reuben’s life.  I plan to laminate it and bind it together as a book for Reuben to “read.”

Birthday cake by Reasors.  They did a great job!

Sitting between both Grandpas waiting on his friends to arrive.

Here come the guests!

Isaiah’s just chillin in his track suit keeping guard of Reuben’s new ball.

Reuben got a little bit jealous when Cammie was holding Miss Madelyn.  Luckily, Uncle Chad saved the day by giving Reuben some attention.

There is NOTHING better than a house full of friends and family!

Mommy and Reuben opening some gifts!

Reading the card from Troyer

This gift made me cry.  My friend, Karen, started a keepsake pillow for me.  It is made with leftover scraps from Reuben’s quilt and it has his name and birthdate embroidered on the front.  This gift means so much to me!

Mommy was loving the Baby Gap hookup from Cammie and Paw-Paw while Reuben was loving the gift sack.

LOVE this picture of sweet Kanyon.

Vivi and Diego 🙂

Reuben and Troyer…this picture makes my heart melt.

Reuben is groping Kanyon.  Sorry Heather and Cory!

This is how Reuben and Isaiah show each other love.

Reuben and Auntie Jo (and baby Brielle).  This picture is a little deceptive…Reuben loves his Auntie Jo even though he’s not really acting like it.  I think he was wanting some cake!

Reuben and Diego…busy boys who have other places to be!

Birthday hat on (made especially for Reuben by Auntie Ray Ray), clothes off, and ready to eat some cake!

Not too sure about the texture.

First taste…

Digging in…

All bathed and having some hang time with Uncle Crippy and Troyer.

Reuben’s modeling one of his new outfits from Heather and Cory.  Thanks for the new basketball gear!

The birthday party was a huge success!!!  We had such a wonderful time and were totally blessed by all those around us that love and cherish our son as much as we do!


2 Comments on “1st Birthday Party”

  1. Jen Tufts says:

    Yeah! Happy Birthday (yesterday), little RMac. And congrats to mom and family for such a great party AND for making it possible for far away friends to attend via wordpress. Love it! Love you!

  2. Kara Harris says:

    aww such cute pictures! I love ur comment about the one w him and Kanyon-HILLARIOUS! And I love the one of him and Isaiah–they have their hands all up in each others’ business! SO FUNNY! I cannot wait to watch them grow up together!!

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