1 Year Old

One year ago today, our lives changed forever.  When Reuben Mac entered our world, I could never comprehend the amount of JOY and LOVE he would bring to Nick and me.  It has been an honor to have a front row seat to watch him grow, explore, laugh, love, charm, and discover.  The first year has definitely been one full of exciting milestones and I am looking forward to the many milestones that still lay ahead for Reuben.  Son, Mommy and Daddy love you so much!  We are very proud of you and blessed to call you ours!

One year ago…March 13, 2009

Just up from a nap.  I never know what kind of hairstyle he’ll have when he wakes up.

Loving the swing at the neighborhood park.

His latest discovery…the cabinet that contains all the rubbermaid containers.

Hanging out at Auntie Ray Ray’s house (notice the “My Aunt Rocks” t-shirt).

Strangling Playing with Cabos, the dog.  Reuben refers to him as “Os.”

We went to the TU Women’s Basketball game to support some of my ASL 2 students and one of Rachel’s 2nd graders who sang the national anthem.  Reuben LOVED the game!!

Next up…1st birthday party pics!  Stay tuned!


One Comment on “1 Year Old”

  1. Jen says:

    Aw Reuben is such a handsome little man! One year and I still haven’t met him in person … I’m ashamed. I had such plans to come see you guys and now 12 months has gone by. I do enjoy watching him grow up here and I WILL meet him before he turns 5 🙂

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