11 Months Old

I can’t believe that we will be celebrating Reuben’s 1st birthday in one month!  This year has flown by!  Reuben has had a busy month of exploring, crawling, eating anything he finds on the floor, and trying to walk.  He is a very joyful baby and LOVES to laugh.  His belly laugh is one of my favorite things!  He’s starting to babble a lot more and loves to mimic Mommy and Daddy.  Reuben loves to shop!  He really enjoys sitting in the cart or stroller and screaming “hello” to all his “friends.”  I think he’s so used to everyone giving him attention that he just expects that anyone who passes will want to know he’s there 🙂  He also loves to rock with Daddy and sing along with his bedtime songs.  Reuben really enjoys reading books especially with silly voices and animal noises.  He is full of life and is really starting to enjoy playing with friends.  Unfortunately, Reuben hasn’t been unable to fight his frequent ear infections so he will be getting tubes next week (Feb 24th).  We know this is a very common surgery and it will have tremendous benefits.  If you think of us, please pray for minimal pain for Reuben and minimal nerves for Mommy!

Chewin’ on a good book

Relaxin’ with Uncle Chad

Diego and Troyer came over to show Reuben how to play in his tent.  He’s loved it ever since!

He had this pickle in his mouth for the entire day.  Don’t mind the slobber and terrible hair.

Chillin’ in the snow

Trying to crawl in the snow but he can’t really move.

This is what Reuben looks like after Daddy feeds him.

Having a great day with Miss Amanda (she keeps him for a couple hours every Tuesday).

Ready to charm the ladies in the Cradles and Crawlers class at Destiny Church 🙂

My little snaggle-tooth, lip curlin’, greaser is sportin’ his new jacket from Cammie and G-pa Mac.

Reuben would like to give a shout out to his BFF, Isaiah, who is 1 year old today!  Happy birthday, buddy!!!


2 Comments on “11 Months Old”

  1. Kara Harris says:

    aww Isaiah loves his Reuben! He said he wishes he could look as fly as R!

  2. […] 15, 2010 · Leave a Comment As I mentioned in Reuben’s 11 month post, he had to have tubes put in due to frequent ear infections.  His surgery was on Wednesday, […]

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