10 Months Old

These months are just flying by!  I know I said last month that Reuben was crawling everywhere but I HAD NO IDEA.  Reuben is REALLY crawling EVERYWHERE, pulling up on EVERYTHING, and eating ANYTHING he can get his hands on.  He’s enjoying trying lots of new foods and flavors.  His gag reflex is pretty intense so it is abundantly obvious if he tastes something he doesn’t care for.  Reuben is very aware of “Mama” and “Dada” and tries to crawl around and find us.  There have been a couple times he has crawled back and forth in front of the laundry room door saying “Dada” waiting for his favorite playmate to come home 🙂  I’m LOVING each new stage and each new adventure with our precious little boy!

The weekend before Christmas, we went on a short trip to Dallas for some shopping.  While we were there, we got to meet little Reid.  Reid is 3 weeks older than Reuben and the son of our dear friends, Allison & Brian.

Aren’t they the cutest???

The restaurant floor after Reid and Reuben were finished eating/playing

Reuben loved lounging in the pillow bins during his first trip to IKEA.

Reuben also got to meet Santa while in Dallas.  He was a little shocked, however, that Santa appeared to be wearing his Christmas pajamas!

His new smile…fake and squinty BUT still pretty cute!

Hey, Cammie!  Don’t worry…I am NOT going to pull down your Christmas tree.  I’m JUST looking 🙂

Trying out his new tunnel and tent

His look for most of Christmas break…PJs, bed-head, and a foam letter in his mouth.

Helping Mommy with the laundry

Enjoying some snow flurries with Daddy

Even playing in a bucket can be fun when your 10 months old!

Hey guys!  Check out all my teeth!

P.S.  A Christmas blog is coming…sometime…hopefully soon…


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