Fashionably Blessed

I was getting Reuben all dressed for Sunday morning church in the most adorable outfit when I quickly realized that the only part of the outfit I had purchased were the socks!  Reuben is a very blessed little boy with lots of wonderful hand-me-downs from his BFFs, Troyer & Diego, AND brand new, trendy little clothes/outfits from friends and family who love him and care very much about his style.

The outfit featured below is brought to you by:

PaPa Mac & Cammie (dress shirt), Troyer Keane (jeans & shoes), & Diego (blazer)

The attitude featured below is brought to you by:

3 services in the church nursery because Mommy & Daddy were both on the worship team this weekend

Okay, Mom, here’s one smile.  Can we be done now?

I am so done with this.  I’ve got places to crawl!

And…the meltdown begins…

And…like any loving mother would, I kept taking pictures…

And…those are real tears…

And…he’s beginning to double over in anger…

And…those are crocodile tears…

What?  You like my outfit?  Hey, thanks!


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