1st TU Game

Reuben had the pleasure of watching TU destroy Sam Houston State at his 1st football game ever.  We tailgated with some friends before the game, took a short break at Rachel and Chad’s house, and then went on to the game.  Reuben did SO well!  He LOVES to be outdoors and it was a really nice night out so that helped a lot.  He made it all the way until half way through the 3rd quarter before he was ready to leave.  We were very proud parents and even prouder when Reuben started heckling the Sam Houston players by screaming at the top of his lungs 🙂

Intensely watching some football

TU Game

“Don’t worry guys.  Leave the heckling to me!”

TU Game 2

While we were at the tailgate with our friends, the TU cheerleaders were walking around greeting people.  Reuben turned the charm on big time and caused the entire cheer squad to stop and pay all kinds of attention to him.  He was mesmerized by the bright, shiny, golden pom poms.  I grabbed my video camera and captured a little bit of the action.  Reuben is sitting on Jenny’s (his 1st nurse at the hospital) lap.  Excuse the TERRIBLY loud music in the background.  Apparently the tailgaters next to us felt it wasn’t necessary for anyone to have any type of conversation during the tailgate.


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