7 Months Old

My handsome little guy is 7 months old today!  Each month we get to know a little more about Reuben’s personality and preferences.  Reuben is very happy and laid back, he doesn’t like to miss out on anything that is going on around him, and he loves different textures and soothes himself to sleep by scratching/rubbing the different textures around him.  This last month has been a big one for Reuben developmentally.  Here are some of the most exciting milestones:

  • Sitting up for extended periods of time.
  • Scooting or rolling across the floor to get a desired toy (or Daddy’s guitar).
  • 3rd haircut by Miss Liz.
  • Eating in his high chair.  His favorite foods so far are sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, and applesauce.  These are his favorite fruits and veggies because they’re the only ones he’s tried 🙂  I am very proud to say that he loves them all.  Reuben has mixed emotions about his cereal.  Some days he loves it and some days it makes him gag.  Oh well…I prefer that he love fruits/veggies over carbs!
  • Talking, talking, talking all the time.  Reuben’s preferred mode of communication is a very high-pitched scream/squeal.  He doesn’t use this when he’s sad, only when he’s happy.  I think it’s very cute; however, the businessman in the Sprint store we were in last week might disagree.
  • Loves to play Peek-a-Boo and cracks up with a good belly laugh when Mommy or Daddy pop up from a hidden place.
  • Cut his 1st tooth!  I noticed the tooth for the 1st time on Sunday.  It’s the left of his 2 front bottom teeth.

Dressed just like Daddy in his new basketball shorts from Auntie Shan.


Sitting up like a big boy.


Ready to eat some food.


Loving his first bites of cereal.


Chillin like a villian in his “Mommy’s getting ready” hang out spot.


Daddy and Reuben dressed up for a wedding.


Bath time with Mr. Ducky.


Getting his hur did.


Daddy leading worship for a BCM worship night.


Chillin in the back listening to some tunes.


Hanging out with cousins, Blake and Audrey.


Snuggling with Uncle Harvey,visiting from Trinidad.


A very happy 7 month old 🙂



3 Comments on “7 Months Old”

  1. Becca says:

    Oh my, he is SO handsome! I love your updates & realize that we really need to get our boys together. They would be trouble. 🙂

  2. Beautifully done. Thanks for the info and all the great photos! He’s definitely a looker and I’m hoping to hold that little kiddo soon. I miss you all!

  3. Cammie says:

    That’s my grandson!! Most precious baby boy in the world!!

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