So, I was testing out a Flip camera that I got for work to make sure I know how to use it.  Reuben was laying on our bed talking/screaming and then this happened… (be sure to watch until the very end)


3 Comments on “Oh.My.”

  1. jentmarie says:

    Usually vomit, as a rule, disgusts me, but this is hilarious and I can not stop rewatching the last few seconds. Nicely done, RMAC. You kept asking “What else?” So, what could he do, really, except vomit, thus ending the entire production? Brilliant.

  2. Karen Luper says:

    Audri is laughing her bootah off! That’s awesome! You should go for AFV!

  3. Becca says:

    Classic! And your reaction is perfect. He’s like, ‘What just happened & why is my face wet?’ So glad you caught that on tape.

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