5 Months Old

My little boy is 5 months old today!  This month has been so fun!  Reuben has FINALLY started to roll over from tummy to back and back to tummy.  He wants to sit up all the time but can’t quite do it on his own.  He is starting to giggle and still “talks” all the time.  He is definitely going to be a singer or a speaker!  Reuben loves to play games with Mommy and Daddy, read books, and explore his toys.  He is SUCH a GOOD baby.  He is SO laid back and easy going.  I am very thankful that Reuben is more like his daddy than his mommy 🙂  Enjoy the pictures…

Taking over Daddy’s spot when he leaves for work


Hey guys!


Hanging out with his new friend, Isaiah


Meeting Halle for the first time


Loving his Jumperoo


NOT loving his Jumperoo


Discovering all the cool toys on his exersaucer


Lounging in his new lawn chair


Sporting his new TU hat from Matt & Jessica


Zoning out to Praise Baby after his bath time


Hanging out in his diaper on Mommy and Daddy’s bed


Swimming for the first time

SpringSummer09 225

Soakin in some rays

SpringSummer09 229


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