Reuben Mac & Troyer Keane

Reuben is very blessed to have his older “cousin,” Troyer Keane, to blaze the trail of life and show him the ropes.  Troyer and Reuben are destined to be the best of buds, either naturally or just because their parents don’t really give them a choice😉  Troyer and Reuben have already taken quite a liking to one another.  I think Reuben has gained himself a personal bodyguard; although, at the rate Reuben is growing, the roles might be eventually reversed!

Troyer’s just hangin out in the window of the hospital room wondering where Reuben is


Troyer is getting his first glimpse of Reuben Mac


Troyer:  Hey you!  Wanna share my toys?

Reuben:  Uh…I’m kinda sleeping right now.


Troyer:  Hey!  My name is on your shirt!

DSC00901 Remember this?  baby-004

Troyer is not too sure how he feels about Reuben being in his mommy’s lap.


I like how Uncle Iman is protecting Reuben’s head and Aunt Karen has ahold of Troyer’s hand


Troyer gets to hold Reuben for the first time.




Troyer:  Okay…I’m finished guys!


Troyer likes to check on Reuben while he’s in his car seat…Troyer pounds Reuben’s fist and tickles his toes.


Troyer:  I dominate this exersaucer!


Reuben:  Umm…I’m a little overwhelmed.


The three amigos:  Troyer, Reuben, and Diego🙂


Reuben gets kisses from Troyer while Diego patiently waits for his turn.


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