3 Year Anniversary

Three years ago today, I married my best friend.


The last 3 years have been the most adventurous, fun, encouraging, exciting, and spontaneous years of my life.  Nick is the perfect compliment to me.  He challenges me, supports me, balances me out, loves me unconditionally, cracks me up, listens to me and genuinely cares what I’m saying.  Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love Nick more, our little boy was born.  Nick has completely blown me away as a daddy.  He is very hands on and supportive.  He goes above and beyond to help out and be present with Reuben.  Just watching Nick interact with Reuben and the smile that comes across both of their faces when Nick comes home from work or church is enough to melt my heart.  So, today, on our 3 year anniversary, I feel like the most blessed wife and mother around.  I can never truly express the gratitude in my heart that I’m fortunate enough to call Nick my husband and the father of my son.

I love you, Nick!  I’m so excited for many, many more years and adventures to come!


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