Family Dedication Service

Over the 4th of July weekend, several members of the Agimudie family traveled to Tulsa from all over the U.S. and Trinidad for a family reunion and a chance to meet Reuben Mac.  The weekend provided lots of time to catch up with out-of-town relatives but Reuben seemed to be the center of attention 😉  On Friday night, August 3rd, we had a family dedication service for Reuben.  Nick’s Uncle Ulric performed the dedication ceremony.  This was special because Uncle Ulric also performed part of our wedding ceremony.  The dedication service was such a neat time to be reminded that our ultimate purpose as parents is to raise Reuben according to Biblical principles so that he might ultimately be a life that brings glory to God.

Family hanging out before the service begins


More family and friends


Opening prayer for Reuben’s dedication service


Family singing an old hymn


Auntie Grace, Sydney, and Uncle Ulric singing, “Thank you, Lord, for Your Blessings On Me”


Uncle Ulric saying a prayer of dedication for Reuben Mac


Reuben’s nice and comfortable with Uncle Dave


Hanging out with Stevie


Spending some quality time with Auntie Grace


Auntie Grace calming Reuben with “Jesus Loves Me”



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