Reuben’s 1st REAL Haircut

Today was a big day for Mr. Reuben!  He had his 4 month check up and did SO well with his shots!  He demonstrated a lot more courage than his mommy!  I was right about his weight…14 lbs 3 oz!  He’s a growing boy!  After his appointment, we took him for some pampering at Studio 2 with Miss Liz.  I thought he might sleep through the whole haircut but I was wrong.  He was wide awake and ready to charm anyone and everyone that would pay attention.  I collected as many hairs as I could to save in a little baggie for his baby book.  I’ll let the pictures tell you the rest of the story.

Daddy was very nervous!


Sittin nice and still for Miss Liz.


Hi guys.  I’m just gettin a haircut.


Snip!  Snip!  Snip!


I want to eat the cape.


Miss Liz is telling Daddy that everything is going to be okay.


Am I finished yet?


How do you like the slicked down look?


You want it spiked?  Okay!


A little gel action.


What do you think, guys?!?


Eat your heart out, ladies.



3 Comments on “Reuben’s 1st REAL Haircut”

  1. Allison says:

    That last picture is too much! I love him so much 🙂

  2. Jenni says:

    What a cutie patootie!!! Can you believe he’s getting a REAL haircut at 4 months?? Also, I’ve showed several people your baby announcement–it’s one of the coolest I’ve ever seen!

  3. iman says:

    holy stinkin’ CUTE…too stinkin’ cute!

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