Reuben’s Nursery

Well, Reuben will be 4 months old on Monday and I just finished hanging everything in his nursery.  I was on a roll with decorating and getting things organized and had most of the nursery done but then I got put on bed rest for 3 weeks.  The combination of a Type A (slightly obsessive compulsive) personality and the nesting that comes with being pregnant drove me crazy.  Poor Nick…I know he had to demonstrate a lot of patience with me during that time.  I’m sure it was very difficult for him to understand why I couldn’t just take advantage of the time off and relax.  ANYWAY…1st the bed rest, THEN Reuben came along, THEN the 10 days in the NICU, THEN surviving with a newborn, THEN finishing my Masters, THEN, THEN, THEN…  Those are all of my excuses for whatever they’re worth; however, I finally finished the last few details and I’m finally getting the chance to post some pictures.  I always love seeing pictures of nurseries so I’m excited to share Reuben’s with you!

This is the adorable “BABY” sign that Rachel made me for Christmas.  (Don’t worry.  The letters are hanging straight I just took the picture crooked 😉 )

I made these letters using wooden letters, scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, and ribbon.


These are the amazing curtains that Karen made!


The fun sign Joleen made for Reuben’s shower.


I ordered this verse from Uppercase Living and spray painted the framing black.  Hanging this was a MAJOR labor of love from my Mom and Rachel.  I felt helpless as I sat and watched.  Rachel said that she’s going to order a huge verse for her future nursery and declare herself on bedrest so I can hang one for her 😉

The view as you walk in the door.


This is something else that I ordered from Uppercase Living.  It says, “Let him sleep.  For when he wakes he will move mountains.”  (If you’d like to order Uppercase Living, you can contact Becca Van Valkenburg.  She’s wonderful!)


Another view.


The rocking area 🙂



2 Comments on “Reuben’s Nursery”

  1. Becca says:

    Wow, his nursery looks fantastic!!! And thanks for the Uppercase props… you’re too kind.

  2. […] We then transformed it into Reuben’s nursery.  It looked like THIS. […]

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