Reuben’s 1st Trim

Reuben was born with a head full of hair and it just keeps getting longer!  Nick and I are in agreement that we’re not quite ready for the first REAL haircut but Reuben had some serious wispies above his ear that desperately needed to be trimmed.  So…we swung by Studio 2 today to visit Miss Liz and Miss Heather!  Liz gave Reuben a little trim while Heather entertained him and took pictures.  He did such a great job sitting still and staying in a good mood.  I think he might have even been flirting a little with the pretty ladies 🙂  Here are some pics:

Before pic with MAJOR wild hair action above either ear:


Sitting patiently on Mommy’s lap while Miss Liz trims his hair


Such a good boy!


Hey everybody!  How do I look?



One Comment on “Reuben’s 1st Trim”

  1. Becca says:

    Yea! I finally found your blog… what a beautiful boy you have! I look forward to keeping up with the goings-on of the Agumudie household. 🙂

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