3 Months Old

My little boy is 3 months old today!  I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months, yet his birthday feels like an eternity ago.  Reuben is such a huge part of our lives now.  He brings us so much JOY.  He has developed quite the personality and has been talking A LOT.  His best friend is the ceiling fan…he can hardly look away when there is one around.  He’s been trying to roll over the last couple of days but he gets stuck about half way.  When holding him, he likes to be up on your shoulder so he can hold his head up and look around.  He LOVES to listen to praise and worship at church but starts to fuss during the sermon (sorry, Pastor Mike).  I’m so proud of my little man and so incredibly THANKFUL for the opportunity to stay home with him for these first months of his life.  Okay, here are the pics:

Reuben’s first photo shoot with Lyrics Photography02

Reuben feels most comfortable with one hand down Mommy’s shirt.  Cute now…inappropriate later.


Look at me!  I can hold my head up!DSC01350

Swingin with G-ma Agimudie


Living the high life…takin a nap on the boppy in the crib.


Hey guys!  What’s goin on?


On this particular day, Reuben woke up screaming from a nap.  Nick changed his diaper and Reuben peed all over his outfit.  Nick just brought Reuben to me in a diaper to eat.  He ate like he hadn’t eaten in days.  As soon as he was done, he let out a huge belch and then passed out.  I just wrapped him up in a blanket and let him sleep naked in his swing.  Typical male…


Rockin with Cammie.


Still stretchin ALL THE TIME.


Spendin some quality time with Neal (Auntie Shan’s boyfriend).



One Comment on “3 Months Old”

  1. Kara Harris says:

    This is fun to read bc it sounds SO much like Isaiah! Those to boys enjoy the same things…ceiling fans and hands down momma’s shirt! I noticed he likes to hold onto the top of peoples’ shirts when he is sleeping just like Isaiah…too cute. They def. need to hang out!

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