7 Things About Me


My friend, Allison, tagged me to share seven random things about myself.  She suggested that because we’re so much alike, I could potentially just copy and paste her seven things; however, much to my surprise, there is only 1 item that I can copy and paste.  It will be the 1st featured in my list of seven.

1. Im a walking paradox. I love a clean house, organized closets, sparkling car, and immaculate purse. Unfortunately, I am inherently a very messy person. I have a very hard time disciplining myself to keep things picked up and organized every moment of the day. Instead, I allow things to get out of control quickly, get completely stressed out about it, and then go on a cleaning rampage. Seriously, walking into my messy house physically affects me–the muscles in my neck tighten, I clench my jaw and the beginnings of a stress headache are born. Why, oh why, can’t I make things easier on myself and just stay on top of things?!

2. I’m obsessed with reality TV. It’s really becoming a problem.  I think the reason I love reality TV so much more than TV dramas or comedies is that I feel I can connect with the people in the show because they are “real.”  Please understand, I’m fully aware that the level of reality is somewhat skewed for the public eye, but I love the idea that the shows are about real people with real lives and there is a potential, although very small, that I could run into them at the local grocery store.  The problem is this…I’m absolutely devastated when things don’t work out the way I want them to.  For example, I mourned the divorce of Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey and cried myself to sleep after the season 5 premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8.  It’s pitiful…I know.

3. I’m not crafty unless I can copy.  I love to do arts and crafts.  I love making things for my house or making unique gifts to give to other people.  The only problem is…I have NO creativity in the arts and crafts area.  I can only make things if I’ve seen them done before.  I’m NOT the type of person that can see a drawer full of crafty junk and throw something together.  I was the kid in art class that made my project look exactly like the teacher’s example.

4. I have a love/hate relationship with my independence.  There are times when I can take care of things on my own and it makes me feel very proud of my independence.  For example, last semester I took 2 classes @ Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.  There were 4 weekends that I flew to Houston, rented a car, drove to Beaumont, stayed in a hotel, went to class, drove back to Houston, and flew home.  I felt very thankful that I was able to do that with confidence.  BUT I sometimes feel bitter about my process toward gaining independence.  You see, my dad chose me as his personal project.  When he started to realize that I was a lot like him, he started expecting me to do everything that he could do.  I do appreciate some of the life lessons but some of them I could have lived without.  Here are some examples of how my dad forced me in to independence (sidenote:  I rip on my dad about this all the time and he thinks it’s funny.  I have already shared this with him and he BEGGED me to put it on my blog so DON’T feel bad for him.) 

  • He made me start having a personal quiet time/devotional before I could read and start taking sermon notes before I could write.
  • He made me call to order pizza for the whole family every Friday.
  • He always elected me as the one to run back in and get more packets of ketchup.
  • He made me start using Quicken as soon as I opened up a checking account.
  • He made me shovel snow and mow the yard while my two sisters, Rachel and Shannon, relaxed indoors.
  • He made me help him build any newly purchased piece of furniture.
  • He made me pay a car payment to him every month to pay for my own car.
  • He made me get a “real” job at 16.  I started babysitting at 13 (to pay for church camp).
  • He always made me pay half of my way to go to church camp so I would appreciate the experience more since I had invested my own money into it.

5. I hate summer weather.  As a teacher, I obviously love the summer because it’s 2-3 months of free vacation BUT I hate summer because of the weather.  There is nothing worse than taking a shower and after finishing the getting ready process feeling like you need another one because you’re sweating so much.  The humidity is terrible and I just can’t enjoy being outside in the heat.  I’m already counting down the days to brisk, cool breeze and hoodies.

6. I get bored very easily. I have a very hard time sitting still for extended periods of time.  My mind is constantly racing and thinking of my current to-do lists.  I have had to learn to carry a planner or a notepad with me to jot down my thoughts or lists so that I can focus on other things.  The easiest way for me to watch a movie or a TV show is while I’m working on a project.  If I’m not doing something, it is highly likely that I’ll fall asleep.

7. I love people but meeting them or being in large crowds intimidates me.  I love a party or a reason to hang out with my friends but I have to totally gear myself up when going into a situation in which I’ll have to meet or mingle with new people.  I become very nervous about saying the right thing or coming across the right way.  Funny…once I get to know people, I seem to lose all those inhibitions.

Now, I’m supposed to tag 7 friends to participate in this exercise on their blogs. 

1. My husband, Nick: Your blog needs some interesting information about you.

2. Jodi: You’re a kindred spirit, I suspect you might be able to copy and paste some of mine 😉

3. Karen L.: There is always random stuff to be learned about you!

4. Karen S.:  I feel like you need a great reason to update your blog 🙂

5. Heather :  You also need a good reason to update your blog!

6.  Jen:  You inspire me when you write.  I’ll be depending on this blog when you leave T-Town!

7.  Becca:  I love reading your blog!  Your description of life with 2 little ones cracks me up!


One Comment on “7 Things About Me”

  1. Jodi says:

    Girl–I love it! I could copy and paste a lot of yours…especially the last one. I seriously get cold sweats when I have to go into a group of people that I don’t know (and mingle….ugh!)

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