Easter Sunday was Reuben’s first time to go to church and my first time back in a LONG time.  He got all dressed up in his linen khaki pants, blue polo, and argyle sweater vest.  The service was AMAZING and Reuben loved hearing his daddy lead worship.  After church, we went to lunch at my parents and then headed over to Nick’s parents for Reuben’s big debut for the extended family.  Here are some pics from the special day:


Reuben’s daddy leading worship.


Reuben looking pretty adorable in his easter outfit.


Family pic on Easter.


Reuben loves his Uncle Chad and Auntie Rachel.


Reuben’s first Easter basket from G-ma and G-pa Mac.


Reuben loves getting kisses from Auntie Shan.


Reuben is totally relaxed when Miss Bri holds him.


Reuben sleeping in Auntie Ophelia’s arms.


Reuben loves to hang out with Uncle Chris.

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