Reuben’s Reflection

It has become our routine that while I take a shower and get ready for the day, Reuben hangs out in his papasan seat.  Reuben’s papasan has an extension with a mirror on it that comes up from the side and over his head.   Today I noticed that Reuben was paying attention to his reflection and he was actually quite enjoying it!  I grabbed my camera and was fortunate enough to catch a video.  About 15 seconds in, you’ll notice him see his reflection and get really happy.


6 Comments on “Reuben’s Reflection”

  1. Joleen says:

    That is so precious! Even he knows how adorable he is – watch out girls!

  2. Mama Mac says:

    That’s my grandson!!

  3. iman says:

    awww…he’s SO cute!

  4. So cute! At first, I was expecting this post to be a poem written by Reuben as he reflected on his first months of life. STILL, I wasn’t disappointed! Great video.

  5. Jen says:

    OH how adorable! I love to hear him “talking”. And I love the pic of Rachel and Chad with him!! So so so so sweet!

  6. Karen Luper says:

    I love the mommy voice. Makes me feel not quite so silly when I watch my videos!

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